Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Starbucks at Winter Park

I'm sitting at Starbucks, trying to finish my paper. But of course I specifically choose the Starbucks with internet connection. So instead of working on my paper, I'm chatting and surfing the web. The advances of technology that I applauded in another blog seem to be my downfall here.

Weather was amazing. Sunny but with a cold breeze. So I took my bike and pedaled the 5 miles to this place. I love it here. It's right next to this private college so you occasionally see students going over their calculus books. But it's also in the middle of an open mall, well more of a street with cute little shops, cafes and such. So you get a mixture of people and occasionally some business men and women meeting with their clients to discuss their stocks, or the house offered for sale. Yes, I also listen to what goes on around me, so between that, chatting, surfing the net and listening to (hmm let's see. Its Tracy Chapman right now), my paper's taking longer and longer to finish. But that's fine with me. Beats working at home any time.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Could there be a Kuwaiti Lysistrata? No more rallies. No more Blue days. All we need to do is “just say no”, well, not to drugs this time, but to our men. Can we do it? Maybe with the help of Chocolate Bar. We might need to open more chocolate bars before we can do that. But once that’s done, that should be the new cry. No need to go door to door collecting signatures for women’s rights. JUST SAY NO. That should be our new motto.

p.s. isn’t that the one obligation, according to Islam, that a woman has towards her husband? I’m not sure here. I’m asking. But I remember from attending some religious classes ages ago that cooking, keeping house, raising children, etc., are all optional jobs for which the wife can demand a pay, sex being the only obligation. In which case abstaining would be another ‘atheist’ action that a Kuwaiti feminist would have to undertake. Oh well…

Sunday, March 20, 2005

ugly rumors...and an email

Just saw this and thought of adding it here. Thanks Mad M2000.

Earlier today, while chatting with some friends on msn, I noticed this rather provocative msn name and this from a guy I considered to be quite clear-headed. And within two minutes, and while chatting with another friend on msn, he says: "i mean seriously lulwa tainted the whole idea of feminism in kuwait" and "she's a true example of what the kuwaity woman would turn out if she got into the parlimant". Unfortunately, pressed by time, and having to rush into my role as hostess (my brother and 2 sons were waiting for me to take them putt putt-ing...which was fun by the way), I couldn't argue with those 2 friends and present my argument. On coming back I didnt see them online, but couldnt wait for them to go online to clarify so i sent them this email, so they can read it 3ala ra7athum while i sleep :)...

and for some reason i thought i'd wanna post the email here...

the angry email: my version of throwing my jenseya on the floor:

really hated leaving without arguing the case of Lulwa with you 2. yes, same day, 2 of u pissed me off. and i'm rarely pissed off. but hey don't worry. i didnt step on my jenseya. but i would gladly step on the men who decided that my jenseya is worth s**t since it don't allow me to vote, among other things.

1. that was not lulwa alqatami. lulwa alqatami is a respectable kuwaiti feminist who would not be stupid enough to taint her image and the image of other kuwaiti women

2. i dont wanna mention the name of that person who actually did that. check the papers. there's an explanation and a confession from the actual person. she's one we usually see in many functions, and though i still see her act as an act of anger, i have to admit that in more than one occasion that specific woman had had certain reactions to certain situations and these reactions were a little bit too loud. (i remember her talking her head off at a concert last year held by ferqat eltelfezyoon elkuwaiti and how she kept saying in a loud voice, in between their sessions, that these are her father's songs and that her father was a better artist and and and). my point isnt to taint the image of that specific woman, but rather to prove that is it indeed a woman known for her rather loud outbursts.

3. isn't it funny, and sad at the same time, that such a rumor, against such a noteworthy woman was so quick in spreading? and isn't it also funny and sad that those who spread the rumors were insensitive enough, and nasty enough to taint the image of a woman who (to say it in slang) teswa ahalhum kellehum?

4. i know that maybe both of you said the comment, or used the name in ur msn name as a provocative act, but don't you think that others might not see it as a provocative act? and don't you think that by such a comment/name you are adding ugliness to an already ugly situation

5. i wish i was teaching during these times. this makes for a wonderful class argument

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Family Visits...to have or not to have

My little brother is here for a visit that should last about a month. Earlier this year my sisters and niece stayed with me for about a month in September. Later in October my parents came for another 3 weeks visit. Now my little brother. And if all goes well, my other brother and family (wife and 2 kids) will be visiting in May. Now I'd like to think they all came to visit because of what I mean to them and not because I'm in Orlando. But then again, I stayed in a little no-place called Indiana, Pennsylvania for over 3 years and I didn't have this many people visit me. So I don't know. Is it the mouse that attracts them all here? I sure hope not.
The beautiful thing about family visits is that you never feel lonely. It's fun when they all visit because I get to see more of Orlando as I take my role as tour guide. (I did a lousy job at that when my sisters were here, probably due to the fact that it was a fresh start for me here. Or maybe I was still sad about leaving home)
The downside of all these visits of course is that I can't work. I have to entertain. Having a rather tight schedule as it is lately, this can't be good. 3 projects to finish before I return home in June. That means a project a month. But with 2 family visits, lasting for about a month each, that leaves me with only one month. Not so good anymore.
I have to work my way around all this. Maybe get my brother familiar with the area then give him the car keys and hire him as a baby sitter during this spring break. This way I can have the house all to myself to work at while he, my guest, entertains my kids. Kids? Do I dare call an 11 and 15 year old kids still?
I'm taking my liberty writing this here assuming that neither my brothers nor my parents will read it. I doubt if my sister-in-law would read it either. As for my sisters, one is not computer-friendly and the other already knows it all.
Now enough whining for tonight. Been doing alot of whining lately.
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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Birthday Wishes

March is everyone's Birthday. Wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. Happy Birthday Moe. Happy Birthday Hadoolah. Happy Birthday Mona. Happy Birthday Shurouq. Happy Birthday Alia. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nostalgic procrastination

I finally found a reason for my procrastination. I have this project to work on and I keep extending my deadline claiming (to myself and no one else) that it’s a bigger project than I expected and it needs more time. My initial deadline (March 1st) was extended to March 15. Now that the 15th is approaching, I extend once again to the end of March. But instead of blaming it on laziness or pure procrastination (Ellen has a cute little clip on that in her standup “here and now”), I finally found (or invented) the reasons behind my multiple extensions. I am homesick. Purely and utterly homesick.

I miss my friends. I miss my family. I miss my students. I miss my office. I miss my house. I miss my walks with my sisters on the beach (dwindling as they were becoming). I miss trying out new restaurants with my friends and family (and oh that is a never-ending pastime in Kuwait). I miss having breakfast at my mom’s on Saturdays with my brother off from his bank job (and more often than not, my other brothers and sisters also off, by choice). I miss shocking my students with my choice of controversial articles. I miss playing with my nephews and nieces. I miss hanging out at my friend’s house watching Sex and the City and feasting on Pizza, sushi, doughnuts and ice-cream. I miss my book club. I miss having people at my house. I miss complaining about not having a good enough beach to enjoy in summer. I miss end of semester lunches with my students. I miss going for late night gaz shawarma with my friends. I miss teaching in the outdoors. I miss my grandma. I miss my sisters. I miss my sisters a lot. I miss Chocolate Bar and I miss Le Notre. I miss meeting my friends at Johnny Rockets (it's not the food, it's the company;) Yes. Believe it or not. I miss Kuwait.

So here now. I am not procrastinating. I am not lazy. I am not lost. I am not tired. I am not putting things off. I simply am homesick, an emotional state of depravity that prevents me from working. Quite ironic when you come to think of it since the main reason I am away from home is to work on this and other projects.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Monday, March 07, 2005

the beginning

So following the lead of my best friend (one of 3) and my sister (one of 2) here I am trying my hand at this. I'm not usually good at following through and might leave a project halfway unfinished. But if this resembles a journal in any way (a not-so-private one of course), then it serves me well to keep one. (I'm told its a good way to improve on my rather low reservoir of memory cells)

Wish I could join you all in front of the Parliament. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope our 1999 disappointment will not be repeated.