Thursday, April 06, 2006

To King Zaydoun with Love

No no no I'm not hitting on you :P

This started as a comment on your blog. But then I realized it's getting long so thought of making use of it to fill my lately-quiet blog.

It's Thursday. Family gathering. We want to go out. Took me forever to find numbers to Totally Fish (fully booked) then Biella (reservation secured)

So suggestion extended to you, King Z, for the following reason:
Whenever I google any restaurant in Kuwait, your blog comes up as first on the list. You seem to have inadvertently covered most restaurants in Kuwait.

So ... why not make that a vocation? Why not devote a blog for restaurant reviews? This way you can give the ignorant among us a guide to refer to. (I suggest you include address and phone number too to make it easier on me :)

Now your not so loyal subject has to return to work to avoid being banished from your Kingdom.