Saturday, October 07, 2006

halfway through Ramadan, are you bored or hungry?

I'm not hungry. Just bored. 2 weeks of Ramadan is enough, wouldn't you say?

I loved the change in the beginning; I get to stay at work longer than usual, not worrying about going home to catch lunch with the kids; Fu6oor time is less rushed than lunch and we get to hang out after we eat as opposed to everyone scattering to their rooms to rest; we are more easily satisfied with one meal aday as opposed to the breakfast, lunch and dinner of off-Ramadan days; you get to stay out real late at night which can be fun for a while ...

But bs. Kafy. Let's go back to regular schedules where you can go out for a cup of coffee in the morning (or tea, or juice, or whatever); where you can order junk food whenever you feel like it; where you don't have to have sweet sweet syrupy desserts that leave you full and heavy for the rest of the day; where you can drink water when thirsty (now isn't that just a natural thing to do: you hunger, you eat; you thirst, you drink?)

Two more weeks ... Yalla shensawee ba3ad?

Two very dear friends threw me this breakfast a while back. I miss one so very much, almost as much as I miss having breakfast :P

Happy Gergay3an everyone.