Saturday, October 07, 2006

halfway through Ramadan, are you bored or hungry?

I'm not hungry. Just bored. 2 weeks of Ramadan is enough, wouldn't you say?

I loved the change in the beginning; I get to stay at work longer than usual, not worrying about going home to catch lunch with the kids; Fu6oor time is less rushed than lunch and we get to hang out after we eat as opposed to everyone scattering to their rooms to rest; we are more easily satisfied with one meal aday as opposed to the breakfast, lunch and dinner of off-Ramadan days; you get to stay out real late at night which can be fun for a while ...

But bs. Kafy. Let's go back to regular schedules where you can go out for a cup of coffee in the morning (or tea, or juice, or whatever); where you can order junk food whenever you feel like it; where you don't have to have sweet sweet syrupy desserts that leave you full and heavy for the rest of the day; where you can drink water when thirsty (now isn't that just a natural thing to do: you hunger, you eat; you thirst, you drink?)

Two more weeks ... Yalla shensawee ba3ad?

Two very dear friends threw me this breakfast a while back. I miss one so very much, almost as much as I miss having breakfast :P

Happy Gergay3an everyone.


Spicy Pepper said...

I agree with you, im already getting bored with it. my energy levels are nearing breaking point :)

Purgatory said...

Ramadan is not only about not eating.

Girl Meets World said...

We have to have an opinion don't we? lol I miss those days :( I miss breakfast... Bagels with cream-cheese YUM!

Alia said...

bored min qalb
Hungry? not at all .. I'm full

Ramadan is boring whether u eat or not ... & what's it about anyway?
نورنا الله ينور عليك

Papillona ® said...

totally bored

Delicately Realistic said...

Yalla ma boga shay.
But all the things u said about ramadan are true...thats why i like it so much.

Cixousian Panic said...

Yay!! I've been checking your blog 9arli sina waiting for a post :P

Woman be more punctual with your blogging. You have a fan base and readers and shtuff min hanoo3 :P

3ad i'm feeling super homesick because its my first ramadan away from home. Mishtahya all the sweets o all the food o all the gatherings o... bas 5ala9t ma3indi ba3ad ashya2. While all you guys are eating akil sidji im stuffing my face with bran cornflakes [cause it has fiber] :) abi agrgi3!!! I haven't done that since i was 10! ta3alaw 3indi halloween, ingargi3 here ;)

kila ma6goog said...

i love ramadan:)

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

bored and hungry! the worst thing is waking up at 7 am on the weekend, hitting the mall just to see EVERYONE holding a cup of starbux coffee and smelling yummy food from yummy resturants and you are just watching!

Hanan said...

spicy. mostly I just wanna sleep in the wrongest of hours (8 pm!) probably caused by all the food I consume at 6

purg. Ramadan is all about food; food deprivation from sunrise to sunset, then food glutony from sunset to sunrise. What did you think it was about?

girl meets world. Kuwaiti Bagels and Cream cheese? Or those from Pax?

alia. at 11pm I'd bet you'd be full :)

pappi. Let's go out sometime. I haven't seen you in ages.

dr. yeah that's my point. it's fun. different. but just like travelling, 2 weeks is enough for any change in the system.

cixous. did I tell you that your blog name reminds me of the younger version of you? ayam el medusa and her laugh :)

kila ma6gog. shloonik? glad to hear you're enjoying ramadan.

shopa. how's being away from home? aside from the lack of Ramadani spirit that is.

coquette said...

I'm looking forward to 3eed, I just want to stay home and sleep...very festive of me, wouldn't u say? :P
The breakfast looks yum..too bad I'm not a morning person :P~

بالديسار said...

I always thought that it should be 14 days only, but until you mentioned it I thought I was the only one thinking that way as I kept hearing estagfur allah whenever I said it.
Maybe we should start a movement to try to change the mandate from 4 to 2 weeks. What do you say?

White Wings said...

i miss regular sleeping hours the most, i am sleep-deprived
i miss eating at work, all my food equipment at work is useless this month :)

3AJEL said...

زيادة تكريش
ومسلسلات تركض جدامي ما ادري وين رايحة
او من وين جايه

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I thought this year would be really easy being my 6th year away during Ramadan! NO IT WASN'T. I guess fasting is easier when you are in school. Working is no fun.

love nature said...

il sara7a yeta3eb min il akil and i feel sleepy all day ..

Hanan said...

coquette. mornings can be fun. winter's coming. you should try to enjoy mornings then.

baldisar. movement means moving and i'm too lazy for that :)

white wings. i know. and what good is new office furniture when you can't eat and drink there?

3ajil. musalsalat: i only watch abna' alrasheed coz it's good, and al3andaleeb coz it has his songs.

shopa. every part of life is easier when you're in school. how can we go back in time?

love nature. i get sleepy after futoor usually but if i go out it passes.