Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lost is Back

I say it again: Lost is back. Throwing more questions our way.
What the hell's going on?


But at least Jack, Sawyer and Kate are back. And the new addition, Juliet, seems promising.
What happened to Hurley? And what about the other survivors?

On a more delightful, yet equally puzzling note, I just ordered pizza from Papa Johns (my son recommended it as better than Hut and Domino's). Do you think I'll like it?


Have a nice weekend everyone.
Mom. Dad. Have loads of fun.


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I love LOST, can't wait to see tonight's episode.

Papa John's is YUMMII! I guess I will get some over the weekend.

Girl Meets World said...

I like. The season premiere was cool. I just need some answers :(

coquette said...

I stopped watching it got boring!! yabeela? if it's cool...give me the dvd's me try to watch again..give it a second chance.
oo Papa John's? not the best pizza I ever had, bas I hope u enjoyed it :P~~

Cixousian Panic said...

i'M lost in lost ;P

I hate the leader of the others! shakla iy5ari3, there's a certain evilness about the way he looks... eeeeeek!

do you guys get Ugly Betty? that's another abc hit this season.. very funny and cute... it's all about the fashion industry.. coquette you would enjoy it ;p

White Wings said...

you'll love the Papa pizza :)
and I am angry at Lost, it is a mental burden now I swear...and there is a new eddition? where would she come from? no, don't tell me :)

A3sab said...

i love lost i downloaded the first episode of the new season but saving it for eid. that and prison break and desperate housewives. as for papa johns i heard it was very good but havent tried it yet
what"s their number?

Hanan said...

shopa. and when you say tonight's episode, i assume you mean episode 2, correct? don't spoil it for me yet but how was it?

girl/world. there are no answers. i think that's the whole point.

coquette. i have to admit that season 2 wasn't as good as 1, but doring? i can't call lost boring. eynarfiz yes, but not boring. pizza wasn't bad, better than greasy pizza hut

cixous. yes he does look creepy. i think it's something with the eyes. ugly betty? no we don't know it (notice the we answering for the other 2 losers:)

white wings. she comes from the land down under :) and of course you'd love papa jones. it has been squeezed out of the last drop of oil.

a3sab. yeah these are the three shows i watch religiously. of course scofield and burrows are getting on my nerves already. how many more people should die for those two to be free? papa jones 827272 give it a try if you want a light meal.

phoenix said...

Did you like the pizza??

coquette said...

hanan: lool shako! This loser has seen clips of Ugly Betty gurrl :P bas no cixousian panic..we don't get it here..yala it'll come out on dvd ..and we get :D

ScarlO said...

I never liked that series ... honest. I watched like four episodes and the suspense is just too much! And that creature'd better not be a dinasaur cos that would royally suck arse..
I'd rather read boring Crusoe (that's a fib ..) or watch Flona .. :-p

The Doctor !i.. said...

Mee too ...

I mean I like a pizza ! aren't you ?

By the way .. your blog is pretty good ...

Best wishes ...

Cixousian Panic said...

more posts, more posts, more posts!!

Jacqui said...

I am watching alot of shows but Lost and Prison Break aren't part of them, however I have to say that Ugly Betty is nice for some odd reasons, and you do know that you can always download such shows through torrents right? :P

If not just ask moi and I'll be glad to help you out ;P

Hanan said...

phoenix. madry. it wasn't bad. but it wasn't amazing either.

coquette. ako :P

scarlo. if you're worried about that creature, don't. i think the director forgot about all those supernatural events when he came to season 2.

the doctor. thank you

cixous. lamma yanzil 3alai elwa7ey i'll post :P

jacqui. unfortunately i'm not that honest person i used to be. i happend to 'steal' shows and music all the time now.

coquette said...

ako what? :s

Khargoush said...

Well Hanan, Amira always tells me:
mama aby papa johns and believe me when she says that I could never refuse so I hope you enjoyed it.
About Lost, these people amaze me and as toto said it is mental burden..:)

Alia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Alia said...

بعد جبدي سوير والله

I didn't know that Lost is back!!

Finally .. بس شالفايدة برمضان ويا هالستين الف مسلسل اللي قاعدة اتابعهم وين اكو وقت حق لوست وبريزون بريك و24 .. الظاهر راح اخليهم حق بعد العيد على ما يتيمعون جم حلقة مع بعض

w Papa Johns is ok but it's not that good .. ya3ni much much better than PIzza Hut .. bas i like dominos better .. I like thin pizzas better & Papa jonhs is kinda pan .. .. but i gotta say it is lighter than both Hut & Dominos

kila ma6goog said...

ما اتابع مسلسل لوست السخيف لانشغالي بمتابعة الامبراطورة


و بابا جونز عجيييييييييب


Hanan said...

coquette. ako is my intelligent answer to your shako :)

khargoush. Of course. Now who can say no to Amira (My own son calls her a devil :)

alia. Yes I think I'm going back to Domino's. And yeah Sawyer's back for 2 episodes now. Yalla catch up.

kila ma6gog. أكيد لوست لا يقارن بالأعمال العظيمة مثل الامبراطورة

ValenciaLover said...

i didn't get the new season of lost yet but i need to rewatch the first 2 seasons or at least the second one to remember what was going on,
wait that's too much, maybe that last episode of the 2nd seaeon is enough, right?
Anyway, that has to be after Ramadan... i barely have time for ugly ramadanian shows...
Nunu (my nunu not the cute blogger) loves Papa Johns
i only like their cheese bread sticks

coquette said...

intay post something new ba3ad! :P~

um-miD3aab said...

lel7eeen ma shefta ..
shsaaar ?? shaa7aw hurley ? qameeetha knt a7eeba
bs aham shaii ilmazyoon jack weld omma mawjood ;p

ولاّدة said...

تابعت أول كم حلقة ونزيت في أغلب المشاهد..ما ناسبني


وبالعافية البيتزا..مطرح ما يسري يمري

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

2nd episode was goooooooooood... Don't worry I won't spoil it for you.. can't wait for tonight's episode ;P

How was the pizza?

p.s: Miss ya ;*

Hanan said...

valencia. You don't need to rewatch anything. You'll remember what needs to be remembered when you watch the show.

coquette. Inshallah.

um-mid3aab. Hurley hasn't showed his face yet but madry if sha7oo or not. Jack mazyoon? I was just arguing with Shuroq about that. He's boring.

walladah. Yeah somehow I can't imagine you watching Lost. It doesn't seem to match your poetic sensibilities :*

shopa. Just watched episode two. Wasn't that one hell of a kiss?