Thursday, November 30, 2006

Film Week at KU

The Department of English Language & Literature

Film Week
Middle Eastern Women in Film

2-6 December, 7 pm
Abdullah Al-Otaibi Bldg., Basement
Kaifan Campus, Kuwait University

2 December 2006
Frontiers of Dreams and Fears
Directed by Mai Masri
Featuring Mona Zaaroura and Manar Majed Faraj
Palestine, 2001, 56 minutes

3 December 2006
Directed by Yasmin Bachir-Chouikh
Featuring Ibtissem Djouadi and Bahia Rachedi
Algeria, 2002, 100 minutes

4 December 2006
Women Who Loved Cinema, Parts I & II
Directed by Marianne Khoury
Featuring Nadia Wassef
Egypt, 2002, 116 minutes

5 December 2006
The Circle
Directed by Jafar Panahi
Featuring Fereshteh Orafai, Nargess Mamizadeh, and Maryam Almani
Iran, 2002, 91 minutes

6 December 2006
Lebanon: Bits and Pieces
Directed by Olga Nakkas
Featuring Various
Lebanon, 1994, 60 minutes

*Free Admission
**English subtitles