Wednesday, November 28, 2007

رفيق علي أحمد

Lately I've been away from the cultural scene in Kuwait. Not that we actually have one in here, but I just used to tune in to more of these meager activities. Tonight, as I canceled a movie outing, I decided to make up for it by attending this monologue. Going to the theatre, I didn't really expect much. It's one of those activities organized by NCCAL, and although I am sometimes entertained by their choice of material, it's been a while since they brought something that really interested me.

That is until tonight. This is not one of those elaborately maintained shows. As with most monologues, this is a simple act that depends mostly on the actor himself. Rafik Ali Ahmad did a wonderful job entertaining his audience with a flare of comedy that hides behind it the dismal situation in Lebanon, among other tragedies (aging and its effect on men was a dominant theme).

Dinner at Le Notre after the show was the perfect ending to my night.

(An early trip to Soug El-7amam, in spite of a flat tire on the way there, was how my cultural experience started today :)

I'm too sleepy to read what I wrote. If you don't like, dont continue.
I'm also too lazy to add pictures. Use your imagination to fill them in. :)

Update: I just received a picture of a friend we made at Soug El-7amam.