Friday, November 30, 2007

Is culture officially dead in Kuwait?

Should we worry? Preparations are already under way for our English Day activities. Auditions started. Certain plays already approved.

My last post was about a cultural activity held by NCCAL, and about the scarcity of such activities in Kuwait. Now a simple student activity at the College of Business Administration is canceled, and I'm beginning to worry that our department activity might be the next target.

It seems Soug El-7amam hamsters and kittens are indeed as much culture as is allowed in this country.

A dream I had last night about losing a loved one is still haunting me. Why is it that emotions provoked by a matter of pure imagination stick to you like reality no matter how much you tell yourself it's just a dream?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

رفيق علي أحمد

Lately I've been away from the cultural scene in Kuwait. Not that we actually have one in here, but I just used to tune in to more of these meager activities. Tonight, as I canceled a movie outing, I decided to make up for it by attending this monologue. Going to the theatre, I didn't really expect much. It's one of those activities organized by NCCAL, and although I am sometimes entertained by their choice of material, it's been a while since they brought something that really interested me.

That is until tonight. This is not one of those elaborately maintained shows. As with most monologues, this is a simple act that depends mostly on the actor himself. Rafik Ali Ahmad did a wonderful job entertaining his audience with a flare of comedy that hides behind it the dismal situation in Lebanon, among other tragedies (aging and its effect on men was a dominant theme).

Dinner at Le Notre after the show was the perfect ending to my night.

(An early trip to Soug El-7amam, in spite of a flat tire on the way there, was how my cultural experience started today :)

I'm too sleepy to read what I wrote. If you don't like, dont continue.
I'm also too lazy to add pictures. Use your imagination to fill them in. :)

Update: I just received a picture of a friend we made at Soug El-7amam.