Friday, October 27, 2006



I'm becoming quite a TV junkie. My latest obsession is Rome. Here's one of the interesting dialogues in the show:

Titus Pullo: What are they. Stars?
Lucius Vorenus: Stars. They're holes in the celestial spheres. Holes through which the light of the heavens shine
TP: How big are these holes?
LV: They’re big. They only seem small to us because they’re hundreds of miles away.
TP: Big enough for a man to climb through?
LV: I suppose. A man would never be able to get up there in the first place.
TP: I don’t see why not?
LV: How?
TP: He could hold on to a giant bird.
LV: It doesn’t work like that.
TP: Why not?
LV: It’s philosophy. Hard to explain. (At which point, short for an answer, LV escapes into sleep)

Titus is becoming a favorite of mine. If nothing else, he seems to know his way around women. But that's another matter. This is Titus debating 'philosophy'

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Babala ... Salamat Po

Remember this:

Now we have this:

And at futoor today nunu bint valencia did this:

And finally I leave you with this:

My Eid starts today since my students decided not to attend on Saturday. And since my Eid break begins today, my Eid greetings are sent out to you today. Have a wonderful week y'all.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lost is Back

I say it again: Lost is back. Throwing more questions our way.
What the hell's going on?


But at least Jack, Sawyer and Kate are back. And the new addition, Juliet, seems promising.
What happened to Hurley? And what about the other survivors?

On a more delightful, yet equally puzzling note, I just ordered pizza from Papa Johns (my son recommended it as better than Hut and Domino's). Do you think I'll like it?


Have a nice weekend everyone.
Mom. Dad. Have loads of fun.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

halfway through Ramadan, are you bored or hungry?

I'm not hungry. Just bored. 2 weeks of Ramadan is enough, wouldn't you say?

I loved the change in the beginning; I get to stay at work longer than usual, not worrying about going home to catch lunch with the kids; Fu6oor time is less rushed than lunch and we get to hang out after we eat as opposed to everyone scattering to their rooms to rest; we are more easily satisfied with one meal aday as opposed to the breakfast, lunch and dinner of off-Ramadan days; you get to stay out real late at night which can be fun for a while ...

But bs. Kafy. Let's go back to regular schedules where you can go out for a cup of coffee in the morning (or tea, or juice, or whatever); where you can order junk food whenever you feel like it; where you don't have to have sweet sweet syrupy desserts that leave you full and heavy for the rest of the day; where you can drink water when thirsty (now isn't that just a natural thing to do: you hunger, you eat; you thirst, you drink?)

Two more weeks ... Yalla shensawee ba3ad?

Two very dear friends threw me this breakfast a while back. I miss one so very much, almost as much as I miss having breakfast :P

Happy Gergay3an everyone.