Saturday, April 09, 2005

Medieval Times on Camera

Don't know how to add a picture to a previous post. So this goes separately as it was taken when we actually arrived (10 minutes late) to the event. Posted by Hello

Medieval Times

Its almost 5:30. Boys all ready. But mommy needs more time of course. I mean going to Medieval Times is quite the cultural experience and mommy has to be suitably attired. Mommy is also chatting on the net and it’s ill manners to leave in the middle of someone’s conversation pouring their hearts out. OK well, that was a lie. Mommy just got ticked off by another one of her so-called best friends (not the one mentioned in the previous post) so mommy decided to just surf blogville randomly. So, instead of getting ready on time like she asked the boys to do, she chooses to take a walk down blogville – this thing’s becoming quite an addiction.

Need to get dressed.

So, properly attired – in a faded jeans and white top, high heels and colorful purses are the only fashion statement I occasionally make here. Skirts have gathered dust. Worn every once in a while when I feel in the mood for shaving. I’m telling you, jeans and white tops are the proper costume when visiting those medieval times. I mean can you imagine what a superb invention that would’ve been for those living in those times. I mean milking cows and tilling the land in those clothes. Damn, that must’ve been quite a burden. This paragraph begins with an incomplete statement. A fragment? Really? Shame on me. Gotta fix that.
So, properly attired, I offer this blog one last touch before I head out.

Random thoughts: yes because so far this wasn’t random :)
Earlier today I made sha66a o ba66a. A scrupulous meal of cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, and hot sauce eaten with pita bread since Irani bread is not an option here. No actual duck (ba66a) in the recipe.
Downloaded MSN Messenger 7. I wasted some time playing with the new additions last night.
Listening to (hmmm as appears on my new MSN page) Switchfoot’s Only Hope
Time to go….no really….running extremely late….so get off your lazy ass already and go.