Monday, November 27, 2006

Ali Zawa

Ali Zawa is a wonderful movie. If you get the chance to see it, my advice: don't dare miss it.
Childhood is presented in such a fierce, possibly even grotesque light. These are children abandoned to their own whims, forced by this abandonment to grow beyond their young years. Kwita, Ali, Boubaker and Omar would touch your heart for sure. Trust me.

It's amazing what a few cans of glue does to those kids :)


Selections for our English Day are approaching and I'm already dreading having to turn a few people down :( "No" is not the easiet word for me to say.


OK now for more personal matters. If your friends repeat the same attack on your personality, does that make that attack valid? Does that mean you have to try to change? And if you do want to change, is that even possible? But then is it also possible for you to expect your friends to take you as you are (ya3ni no refunds or exchange here)?


Been craving Salzburg lately: that restaurant next to that museum up above the clouds, rain drizzling slightly, wine teasing us like that drizzling rain, and the company of my 2 favorite sisters and my 2 favorite parents (yes I only have 2 but I swear they would be my favorite still), and my Nunu: