Monday, November 27, 2006

Ali Zawa

Ali Zawa is a wonderful movie. If you get the chance to see it, my advice: don't dare miss it.
Childhood is presented in such a fierce, possibly even grotesque light. These are children abandoned to their own whims, forced by this abandonment to grow beyond their young years. Kwita, Ali, Boubaker and Omar would touch your heart for sure. Trust me.

It's amazing what a few cans of glue does to those kids :)


Selections for our English Day are approaching and I'm already dreading having to turn a few people down :( "No" is not the easiet word for me to say.


OK now for more personal matters. If your friends repeat the same attack on your personality, does that make that attack valid? Does that mean you have to try to change? And if you do want to change, is that even possible? But then is it also possible for you to expect your friends to take you as you are (ya3ni no refunds or exchange here)?


Been craving Salzburg lately: that restaurant next to that museum up above the clouds, rain drizzling slightly, wine teasing us like that drizzling rain, and the company of my 2 favorite sisters and my 2 favorite parents (yes I only have 2 but I swear they would be my favorite still), and my Nunu:


Shurouq said...

You know I can sue you for using my "art" without permission, right?
But, Thank you thank you thank you for making me blonde! :*

"Monchsberg32" is the name of that amazing restaurant.

It depends on what your friend said I guess. Tell me.

Oh and it's Kwita, not Kwiti. :)

B. said...

Oh I was there last night too! It was a wonderful film, left me feeling depressed though.

I'm wondering if you are planning on having the film week this year as well at KU?

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Well, if there is a need to change something, I say CHANGE THOSE FRIENDS.

Off topic- I thought of you at NY Public Library

Hanan said...

shurouq.My students tell me it can be considered iqtibas and thus totally legitimate :D
Monchsberg. I remember now. Sounds like machboos :)
Oh the usual: I'm not there for them. I give up on them too soon. I escape confrontations (I say a blank ok and I gtg alot:).You know...the usual 'you're a cold-hearted bitch' stuff.
Kwita...fixed. thanks

b.. Film week scheduled 2-6 December, 7 pm Otaibi bldg, Kaifan. I'll provide more details shortly.

shopa. I'll start working on that.
And aawwww 7ayati :* Isn't it an amazing place?

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

It is. It is indeed, bas when I saw it I started at7asar on us and on our lousy libraries.

Spontaneousnessity said...

don't change, if your friends don't accept you the way you are then they are not true friends.

Spontaneousnessity said...

this just hit me! wait and why would you change? if you do you'll be less than perfect =}

Mini Я. said...

If your 'friend' doesn't like the way you are. Then let him/her go on & find someone else to bug, that simple.

Hello there :)

Alia said...

I missed it .. hhi' hhi' hhi'

I say don't change .. you became friends at the first place coz your personalities clicks .. so if you change you're not gonna be friends anymore .. 3ala qoultich .. no refund, no exchange

W I like the editing you made for that rest. picture .. وشنو قاعد تحاولين تراضين شروق عشان سالفة العشا مسويتها شقراء

coquette said...

hmm just noticed that part bout friends attacking u...
well...i dont think we should change for people ..they should take us as we are...

Shahd said...

about the definition of friendship and accepting others.. that is a broad definition and if u look closely, we all have diff definitions of friendship. i once knew someone who defined friendship as "merely an accessory to life." and others, like myself, believe it is one of the most profound of human relationships. off course, finding friends that can accept you as who you are is really difficult. and even if they do and they find the same fault in you, and attack you for it.. maybe you ought to sit down and consider that maybe you're doing something wrong. i find that i can only do that if this person matters to me and cares about me sincerely, then i can consider whether i would be willing to try and change.. ask yourself that..
but, you can't change completely. because you'd lose yourself in the process of pleasing people. but you can strive to keep those people you treasure the most. i think we can't expect friends to accept the whole package.. they should accept most of it, but if something is bugging them about you, and it keeps happening.. then maybe you should try to change that certain flaw in u.. the hardest thing to admit is the existence of that flaw..

Hanan said...

shopa. Why would we need libraries here anyway. People rarely read.

sponta. Awww thanks sweetie. Are you implying I'm perfect? I think I like you. Wanna be my new best friend? :)

mini r. Hello there.

alia. yoozay 3anni o 3an my dinner. And yeah, I thought that would work but no use. She's slandering me in public now.

coquette. yeah maybe. but doesn't that assume you have no flaws that need to be worked on? I mean I love sponta's compliment. But who are we kidding? No one's perfect. And isn't it a friend's job, other than being supportive, to offer true and honest opinion? Why not attempt to change if someone who cares about you points out to you that you might need to change?

shahd. Yes I totally agree. This 'accept me for who I am' is totally overblown, isn't it? Why should we accept things (or people) for what they are? What's wrong with pointing someone's flaws and asking them, no, even demanding from them, to try to change? Friendly criticism is needed. It is what we expect from our best friends actually. So we should accept it.
The problem here of course is in the ability to change. What if I do admit my flaws? What if I do see that they need to be worked on? That doesn't always mean I can. Change isn't easily. We might try it, but eventually we alwasy fall back into our 'old' selves.

Shahd said...

I also think change isn't all. and you're right, even if you do admit your flaws, can u change them.. i really don't know. and i dont think u can ever completely change. all these self-help books that tell you how to become a better person and change.. they're really feeding people a bunch of crap.. so maybe you just ought to try and not make your "flaws" so hurteful to others.. especially those close to u. just try..everything is worth a shot. good luck ;)

Girl Meets World said...

I also missed the comment on the attack part. :S
I think ur friend should change :)
u shouldn't worry about that.