Monday, November 13, 2006

Kuwait CineClub

نادي الكويت للسينما
Kuwait CineClub
برنامج ديوانية الأفلام
Film Diwaniyya Program

19th of November
الجنة الآن

للمخرج : هاني أبو السعد
about the film
Paradise Now
Directed by: Hani Abu-Asaad
26th of November
علي زاوا
للمخرج : نبيل عيوش
about the film
Ali Zawa
Directed by: Nabeel Ayoush
3rd of December
خمن من القادم للعشاء
للمخرج : ستانلي كريمر
about the film
on wikipedia
Guess Who's Coming for Dinner
Directed by: Stanley Kramer
10th of December
للمخرج : زانج يمو
official site of the movie
Directed by: Zhang Yimou
17th of December
في الخامسة بعد الظهر
للمخرجة : سميرة مخملباف
about the film
At Five in the Afternoon
Directed by: Samira Makhmalbaf
24th of December
عطر الحب

للمخرج : لي جيونج
كوريا الجنوبية
about the film
Scent of Love
Directed by: Lee Jeong
South Korea
So basically its every Sunday
Screening starts at 7:00pm
In Al-Qibliyya School

Schedule and links taken from 2 6 8. He also has a map of the place there if you're interested. Thanks antihero.


Girl Meets World said...

oh wow great! :p

Alia said...

ودي أروح كذا واحد منهم
بس الكسل ذابحني

antihero said...

you're velkomme :)

good thing about this.. is the fact that they won't be censored. Censorship will only be around the events sponsored by elmajles elwa6ani..

ValenciaLover said...

so which one (ones) are we going to?

Hanan said...

alia & valencia. I guess we won't make it to the first show either. Hopefullly no other events will conflict with the next ones.

The Doctor !i.. said...


you have a lot of information about this movies ....

Realy this is amusing ..

Shurouq said...

Don't miss Ali Zawa. I hear it's very good.

I won't be home to join you. :(

barrak said...

اتمنى ان اذهب والتقي بالمبدع عماد النويري بس ماأدل

Mozart said...

i never saw these movies but looking forward to

kila ma6goog said...

انشاءالله نقدر نشارك و الفال حق فلم بوناز

Hanan said...

the doctor. thanks but this is taken from another blog (2 6 8)

shuroq. i guess you will be here.

barrak. there's a map in my souce blog (2 6 8)

kila ma6goog. hope to see you there then