Sunday, March 20, 2005

ugly rumors...and an email

Just saw this and thought of adding it here. Thanks Mad M2000.

Earlier today, while chatting with some friends on msn, I noticed this rather provocative msn name and this from a guy I considered to be quite clear-headed. And within two minutes, and while chatting with another friend on msn, he says: "i mean seriously lulwa tainted the whole idea of feminism in kuwait" and "she's a true example of what the kuwaity woman would turn out if she got into the parlimant". Unfortunately, pressed by time, and having to rush into my role as hostess (my brother and 2 sons were waiting for me to take them putt putt-ing...which was fun by the way), I couldn't argue with those 2 friends and present my argument. On coming back I didnt see them online, but couldnt wait for them to go online to clarify so i sent them this email, so they can read it 3ala ra7athum while i sleep :)...

and for some reason i thought i'd wanna post the email here...

the angry email: my version of throwing my jenseya on the floor:

really hated leaving without arguing the case of Lulwa with you 2. yes, same day, 2 of u pissed me off. and i'm rarely pissed off. but hey don't worry. i didnt step on my jenseya. but i would gladly step on the men who decided that my jenseya is worth s**t since it don't allow me to vote, among other things.

1. that was not lulwa alqatami. lulwa alqatami is a respectable kuwaiti feminist who would not be stupid enough to taint her image and the image of other kuwaiti women

2. i dont wanna mention the name of that person who actually did that. check the papers. there's an explanation and a confession from the actual person. she's one we usually see in many functions, and though i still see her act as an act of anger, i have to admit that in more than one occasion that specific woman had had certain reactions to certain situations and these reactions were a little bit too loud. (i remember her talking her head off at a concert last year held by ferqat eltelfezyoon elkuwaiti and how she kept saying in a loud voice, in between their sessions, that these are her father's songs and that her father was a better artist and and and). my point isnt to taint the image of that specific woman, but rather to prove that is it indeed a woman known for her rather loud outbursts.

3. isn't it funny, and sad at the same time, that such a rumor, against such a noteworthy woman was so quick in spreading? and isn't it also funny and sad that those who spread the rumors were insensitive enough, and nasty enough to taint the image of a woman who (to say it in slang) teswa ahalhum kellehum?

4. i know that maybe both of you said the comment, or used the name in ur msn name as a provocative act, but don't you think that others might not see it as a provocative act? and don't you think that by such a comment/name you are adding ugliness to an already ugly situation

5. i wish i was teaching during these times. this makes for a wonderful class argument