Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Solitaire, hair, rain and work

I forgot to take my coffee mug to the classroom to entertain me during those most dull 2 hours of my teaching: exam time. So what does dear teacher do? Use the class computer to play solitaire and minesweep. Well it's an essay exam anyway so I don't really have to watch them like a hawk :)

The rain makes my hair look frizzy. And sometimes, just sometimes, I like that. Frizzy hair is hot. Just like long legs. Any relation between the two? No relation needed.

Spring terms resolution: less writing assignments, more time to work on my own projetcs. I pulled a similar resolution this fall: Less playing with the syllabus, stick to some old material so there will be more time to work on my own projects. But then I drowned myself with committees and other administrative jobs. When will I learn? More me time, less them time. ( I should learn from an old friend of mine. Me time is really limited in my life)

Have fun with this. Test this file out with a few people. Who can hear it? Who can't? Click here

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

3 days in luxor

Luxor was beautiful. Family was amusing. Trip was relaxing.

Exams … Papers … Timetables … Class notes … Council minutes … Conferences … Publications …

And that’s not to mention all the personal havoc in between. So what to do when jammed, when squeezed, when pressured? …


Enjoy Luxor. I did.





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