Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Solitaire, hair, rain and work

I forgot to take my coffee mug to the classroom to entertain me during those most dull 2 hours of my teaching: exam time. So what does dear teacher do? Use the class computer to play solitaire and minesweep. Well it's an essay exam anyway so I don't really have to watch them like a hawk :)

The rain makes my hair look frizzy. And sometimes, just sometimes, I like that. Frizzy hair is hot. Just like long legs. Any relation between the two? No relation needed.

Spring terms resolution: less writing assignments, more time to work on my own projetcs. I pulled a similar resolution this fall: Less playing with the syllabus, stick to some old material so there will be more time to work on my own projects. But then I drowned myself with committees and other administrative jobs. When will I learn? More me time, less them time. ( I should learn from an old friend of mine. Me time is really limited in my life)

Have fun with this. Test this file out with a few people. Who can hear it? Who can't? Click here


Extinct Dodo said...

careful now, you wouldnt want the kids who snoop around your blog hearing about your resolution and flocking by the dozen to your office with permission slips to sign up for your classes ;)

and the audio file is mute :/

Soud said...

U can use laptop and conntected through phone for the internet

I can't hear it

Swair. said...

i like Solitaire and Spider Solitaire lol... i'm not a fan of frizzy hair, mine is frizzy enough... and the girl in the pic look like Doc May... and i can't hear the audio :/

Girl Meets World said...

u like them long don't ya ;) lol

White Wings said...

more me time? who is "me"? :)
and i like your picture at work :) i never saw this red skirt before, new one?:)

Hanan said...

extinct dodo. No I don't have to worry about that. They can just take a look at the grades I just posted on my door. That'd keep them off still :)

soud. I have internet connection in one of my classes. I just don't usually take my laptop when it's exam day. Pretences of actually supervising.

swair. hey girl. How are you? Who's Doc May?

Oh and the audio. It's supposed to be heard by a select group based on age, or so I heard. But I'm beginning to doubt that. I'd have to test it out again at work.

GMW. Yoozay.

white wings. Yeah. They had your favorite sales at BCBG so I got me one :P

Alia said...

آنا أقول إخذي وييييي معاج الدوام وايد أونس

ولحظة لحظة ...
"Frizzy hair is hot. Just like long legs"

how's that?

Me time!! hmmmmm
I will need lot's of that when Judi comes back

sweetd said...

my hair goes crazy with rain:S yeah that day i had done my hair:P... 7asafa 3ad! yeah thats what i noticed was we never have time for ourselves! Nowadays i have more time to relax and have "me" time!...
whats the sound file?! it doesnt work

Aurora said...

I hear the sound!!!

Girl Meets World said...

write a new post already :P

Zeecu said...

*ahem* I'm here to bore you with technical details. I got nothing better to do at 4:24 am.

Remember when we were told that the human ear is capable of hearing sounds of frequencies in the range 20 -> 20,000 Hz (20 kHz)? A newborn baby would be able to hear up to 20 kHz, but sadly this ability to hear ultra-high pitched sounds degenerates with age. At age, say, 20 a person can hear up to approximately 18kHz. At age 40, this decreases to around 15 kHz.

The file you posted is a high frequency tone. It has been 'sold' as a ring tone that only a teenager can hear to alert him/her of incoming calls, but not his/her parents (or teachers, for that matter). It's also been used (on loudspeakers) to ward off loitering teenagers in malls somewhere in America, or so I heard.

That said, I *do* hear the tone, albeit a bit drowned out by the German techno that plays in my head all the time.

sensation said...

Nice blog! I heard the sound file! It's an annoying ongoing signal like sound! :S