Thursday, February 01, 2007


There’s a piano somewhere at KU that I’m trying to locate. I heard we had some kind of a tiny music room somewhere in the hidden niches of our esteemed university. But finding it might be a problem. Can you actually lose a piano?

University policy dictates that new orders on books have to go through department council to actually be approved, after which an order is submitted, and pending the university budget, I might or might not be getting the books by March which is when I’d be needing them. Our department is on vacation now so nothing can be done till February 10th which would definitely be too late. Now you might ask why I haven’t done that before. And the answer would be that I’m a procrastinator. Lazy and laid back and always leaving things till the last moment. So what to do? I might have to ask students to either get the books online or make copies of them, which I really hate doing.

.....Paris or Rome?


Missy said...

Rome <3

Missy said...

Rome <3

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Kuniv, I really do hate it.

Paris or Rome? I say both!

Jacqui said...


And I miss you dearly seriously! I miss college so badly! :(

I wish I didn't push myself to graduate so early :(

Alia said...

Definitely Rome .... the land where VENUS was created

NuNu™ said...


Amunki said...

Screw 'em both.
Go to Barcelona!

hehe :)

btw, my blog has moved.
So make sure you check the new link:


Aurora said...

Don't make us photocopy the books...we hate it too!

If its for romance go to Rome if its for a fun girly splurgy holiday go to Paris :)

Swair. said...

rome rome rome rome rome rome!

did i say rome?

Hanan said...

But people. I've been to Rome these last 2 summers. And Alia you know that. How about Oman? :)
Shopa dear, I only have 5 days. Not worth hopping 2 cities.
Sweet Jacqui. I miss you too. Come to our occasional student/faculty gatherings.
Amunki. I'm seriously considering it. Will check your blog now. Thanks for the update.
Aurora. Welcome to my blog and class :) We'll talk about that on Saturday. Are you gonna introduce yourself as Aurora in class?

Girl Meets World said...


Alia said...

Oman is perfect for a 5 day trip, bas mo shayfa a7ad mitshajji3

Joud said...

i second amunki ! bcarcelona has a bit of everything

otherwise, u cant go wrong with paris

Joud said...

i second amunki ! barcelona has a bit of everything

otherwise, u cant go wrong with paris

Spontaneousnessity said...

so where did you end up going to?!

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Then paris!

Papillona ® said...

Off Topic: HAppy Shmalentine's Day


White Wings said...

happy valentine's babe
and i have to go with the vote above, Rome Hanan, go for Rome