Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wine and the City

What is it in a city that gives it its special charm. I've been in Orlando for about 8 months, and only today, I ventured into its downtown. I have to say I am impressed. It's a small area, a few streets intersecting each other, coffee shops and nightclubs scattered all around, with a few galleries, a library and some other little shops. Nothing especially alluring I'm sure. This is not New York. This is not Paris. It's downtown Orlando. Yet unlike downtown Kuwait, there's a certain feeling that touches you when you're strolling down those streets just before the clubs are officially open. It's a weekend, but not late enough yet for the streets to be crowded with club hoppers. With a stomach fully satisfied after a meal of luscious and delicious pot roast, our walk downtown proved more entertaining than ever. The restaurant itself was quite impressive. Other than its wonderful meal, the ambience was quite something. Again, nothing special. Maybe it's that glass of shiraz wine. Maybe it's the vibes you get from other customers enjoying the beginning of their weekend, a weekend most needed for those with a 9-5 work schedule. Is that we do not attack our weekends in Kuwait with as much vigor? Most of us have pretty relaxing working hours during the week. But then again, what would an employee do in Kuwait to attack his or her weekend? How are we to relax and kick back? Without that most lip smacking glass of wine, can our weekends really be fully appreciated?
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