Saturday, March 15, 2008


Do you ever wake up in the morning on a totally different note than the one that left you at night? My minds wanders into gloomy and doubtful areas at night time and as soon as morning comes, I'm all chirpy and optimistic again. I'm quite a skeptic at night and extremely gullible (not to demean optimism in anyway) by day. Would it help if I reverse my sleeping patterns?

The following piece is the last to be published here for Disturbed Stranger who decided to grow her own wings (or blog)

Poisoned Mind

The air was damp. A misty cool breeze blew… causing diminutive waves to crash on jagged but softened rocks at the bottom of the cliff. The sun’s vicious beams refracted off the rock’s tarnished yet gleaming glaze. Seagulls sang as they glided over the sea… fluttering against the waves. She leaned back against one of the rocks, focusing her weight on the center of her back. Her blouse felt moist and cold. She gripped hard at the papers in her hands… twisting them firmly in her clutch. Her rheum eyes started to burn as she stared across the infinite blue… and with a single blink tears ran down her face. why? she thought. A strike of pain shot in her chest and flashbacked several diminished slides in the screening of her mind “WHY?” she yelled. Her voice echoed in the empty space not quite as empty as her heart. But there was no answer… for there never is an answer to pain. Whimpering… she gradually loosened her grip… and the papers hovered into the sea. The writing started to fade as the ink merged with the water causing a dark blotch near her feet. She was free. Free from her pain. The papers were completely drenched now, unlike her body however, they did not drown…