Friday, October 27, 2006



I'm becoming quite a TV junkie. My latest obsession is Rome. Here's one of the interesting dialogues in the show:

Titus Pullo: What are they. Stars?
Lucius Vorenus: Stars. They're holes in the celestial spheres. Holes through which the light of the heavens shine
TP: How big are these holes?
LV: They’re big. They only seem small to us because they’re hundreds of miles away.
TP: Big enough for a man to climb through?
LV: I suppose. A man would never be able to get up there in the first place.
TP: I don’t see why not?
LV: How?
TP: He could hold on to a giant bird.
LV: It doesn’t work like that.
TP: Why not?
LV: It’s philosophy. Hard to explain. (At which point, short for an answer, LV escapes into sleep)

Titus is becoming a favorite of mine. If nothing else, he seems to know his way around women. But that's another matter. This is Titus debating 'philosophy'


Spicy Pepper said...

Amazing show. season 2 is starting up soon. the production and characters were amazing. glad you liked it :)

coquette said...

i heart sitcoms

Alia said...

24 mu radhy ya'7lis
& I still have to watch season 5 before I switch to Rome

kila ma6goog said...

i envy u:(

Jacqui said...

I saw it like last year :P I kept telling everyone to watch it but no one listens to me :(

Why oh why?!

Hehehehehe but yeah I love Titus he's hilarious :P

And I can't wait for Season 2 which starts Jan 07 :P

Hanan said...

spicy. season 2 better wait. I'm not done with 1 yet.
coquette. no sitcoms is something else. this is more like a movie than a tc show.
alia. what about weeds? and desperate housewives? and lost? :)
kila ma6goog. laish yuba?
jacqui. jacqui is not listened to. Now if you bring Jack out of his/her prison, maybe people would listen. :P

White Wings said...

once more, you are attracted to the bad guy :)
and Rome is a fascinating show, however, sexuality is over used, feels like they want to sell with all these forcefully-inserted love scenes

Juveg said...

well , i kinda found the show lame !! and my best charachter was the young boy , i liked his acting ,, i forgot his name at the show but i think that u know who ,,, who lived with his mother and sister ,,,

coquette said...

I know :P that’s why I wasn’t interested, I like sitcoms more ;P

elq87obi said...

wo0o0o0o0w co0o0o0l & amaizing i really like ur post & the characters

slam :)

Hanan said...

white wings. he's not the bad guy here. of lower class and thus more rugged behavior, but certainly not a bad guy.

juveg. yes that boy is good. Octavian I think.

coquette. i know :P

elq87obi. thank you.

Girl Meets World said...

I like everything! Didn't see the show. I might like it :P