Friday, November 30, 2007

Is culture officially dead in Kuwait?

Should we worry? Preparations are already under way for our English Day activities. Auditions started. Certain plays already approved.

My last post was about a cultural activity held by NCCAL, and about the scarcity of such activities in Kuwait. Now a simple student activity at the College of Business Administration is canceled, and I'm beginning to worry that our department activity might be the next target.

It seems Soug El-7amam hamsters and kittens are indeed as much culture as is allowed in this country.

A dream I had last night about losing a loved one is still haunting me. Why is it that emotions provoked by a matter of pure imagination stick to you like reality no matter how much you tell yourself it's just a dream?


nQ *Inanna Nino's Wiener said...

I'm bringin' culture back
Them other "guys" don't know how to act, Girl let me make up for all the things you lack
Because you're burning up I got to get it fast
diiirrrty baayyyb

so yah,
dont worry,
i'm bringing culture back

error said...

because it seems that you care about it

Anonymous said...

I hate to be a party pooper but am I the only one seeing another "feature" of religion unconsciously/consciously at work here, again?

when you start to question the very sanity of the same people who believe that sacrificing a cow or a sheep is an act of pleasing god. I implore to question less, and start expecting more of the worst.

millions of women put on their hijab every day to "preserve" their honor for the sake of their men and family, without even questioning the very absurdness of that act.

screw their private life, their comfort and what they think as long as their men are happy knowing that no strange man is looking at their wives pony tail or light streaks.

and lets face it, whatever little culture we can produce goes through so many harsh mediums that can assure that what ever result we have will end being cold and stale. even if you happen to be one of those few who aren't creatively challenged.

its a sad world we live in, but hey, at the end of the day .. really what did you expect?

Amethyst said...

Not the English Day :'(

That's about the only thing that has to do with school that I'm looking forward to!

About the dream question, because it's too real to simply ignore or dispose of. The feelings you felt are probably too familiar;\

THOUQ said...

It might be a bit forgotten and sometimes overrated, but culture in Kuwait is definitely well and alive.

Hanan said...

wiener. Such a long name. Your picture and name don't really scream culture. But what do I know? Awaiting your 'culture'

error. Obsessed about it is more accurate :)

apathy. There's still a tiny optimism remaining inside me, expecting things not to be as bad as they appear.

amethyst. Students seem to be revolting against that at Faculty of Administration. So maybe it's not that bad.

thouq. Where?

THOUQ said...

Where should i start... let me see
for the time being, check out the following places where so much
cultural activities going on all the time:

modern art musuem in sharq
al babtain library at gulf rd
beit lothan next to marina mall, i bet you know the latter so well
dar al athar al islameya, next to the parliment
kuwait cinema club in mubarekeya
dar al funoon in behbehani houses

have a nice time :)

AnGeL said...

WHAT?! i want them to try and shut us down, i swear i'll be worst than them...they want their religion ?! i'll give them one i'll go there and bomb them :p well, not really but something like this...God when will they ever stop?!?!?!?! bs maleit min sowalifhom

any ways, they might segregate the plays, you never know, male actors act on stage, female actors behind the curtains. wait, is it ok for them to speak or 3awra? np, we'll teach them sign language ;)

(sorry about the above, crappy mode :D )

Ony said...

should we worry? part of me is worried already! the other part is struggling to keep the enthusiasm alive !

White Wings said...

i think we are all officially worried. we are writing and commenting about it
and haunting dreams, tell me about them; i have them on daily basis, exhasting!!

Disturbed Stranger said...

Disturbing dreams?

Interesting..... Do tell...