Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Starbucks at Winter Park

I'm sitting at Starbucks, trying to finish my paper. But of course I specifically choose the Starbucks with internet connection. So instead of working on my paper, I'm chatting and surfing the web. The advances of technology that I applauded in another blog seem to be my downfall here.

Weather was amazing. Sunny but with a cold breeze. So I took my bike and pedaled the 5 miles to this place. I love it here. It's right next to this private college so you occasionally see students going over their calculus books. But it's also in the middle of an open mall, well more of a street with cute little shops, cafes and such. So you get a mixture of people and occasionally some business men and women meeting with their clients to discuss their stocks, or the house offered for sale. Yes, I also listen to what goes on around me, so between that, chatting, surfing the net and listening to (hmm let's see. Its Tracy Chapman right now), my paper's taking longer and longer to finish. But that's fine with me. Beats working at home any time.


moe-isha said...

awww looks like the starbucks 3anoono that we have in Kuwait.. or not heheheh. 7mara i miss you alot... alot alot alot.. stop playin around and finish ur work do that u can come back home.

Judy Abbott said...

sometime those changes clears out thoughts