Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Could there be a Kuwaiti Lysistrata? No more rallies. No more Blue days. All we need to do is “just say no”, well, not to drugs this time, but to our men. Can we do it? Maybe with the help of Chocolate Bar. We might need to open more chocolate bars before we can do that. But once that’s done, that should be the new cry. No need to go door to door collecting signatures for women’s rights. JUST SAY NO. That should be our new motto.

p.s. isn’t that the one obligation, according to Islam, that a woman has towards her husband? I’m not sure here. I’m asking. But I remember from attending some religious classes ages ago that cooking, keeping house, raising children, etc., are all optional jobs for which the wife can demand a pay, sex being the only obligation. In which case abstaining would be another ‘atheist’ action that a Kuwaiti feminist would have to undertake. Oh well…


nazzal said...

hi noony
i have just commented back at zaydoun's ..
its not only Dr. nina , but also
Sade , any time
Fayrouz, the one and only
Alanis , definitely
Nawal specially last CD
100 yrs of solitude
chocolate 4 a movie and chocolate bar any time

moe-isha said...

brilliant idea! absolute genius!
and yea it is obligatory that a woman satisfies her 'man', if i remember my classroom religion lessons correctly - which i do cause when i heard this i questioned everything- if a woman refuses her husband, the 'angels' will curse her all night long... so Kuwaiti feminists will have to consider that too! loooool :)

moe-isha said...

of course - this is not necessarily the religion as much as its is the 'phallocentric/ male' interrpretation of the religion

SheWrites said...

Hey, neato! I'm linked.

Just wanted to drop by, say hi and show my support.



Hanan said...

Nazzal. we seem to have alot in common. Or are these pretty much universal artists and as such our tastes ain't as selective as we'd wish to believe?

moe. don't believe everything they teach you in religion classes :)

shewrites. welcome to my blog. loved your idea of going door to door. something very energetic and activist about it :)