Sunday, March 13, 2005

Birthday Wishes

March is everyone's Birthday. Wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. Happy Birthday Moe. Happy Birthday Hadoolah. Happy Birthday Mona. Happy Birthday Shurouq. Happy Birthday Alia. Posted by Hello


Shurouq said...

And Happy birthday, Heba.. Happy mother's day, mom.

Damn it, I'm broke already!

Oh and thanks again for the gift :)

moe-isha said...

nooni :)

you remebered what i wanted and you sent it all the way from the states- if that wont make me feel like i special i dont wut will - awww you gave me the attention i so craved.. habla i miss u loads, merci beaucoup because i loved the gift and hey i like the blog, lookin really nice, me likeee :)

Judy Abbott said...

add me to the list me tooo

Hanan said...

Well okay three addition to my March list then. (I can't believe I forgot Mother's Day. And I'm a mother myself)
So Happy Birthday nooni. Happy mother's day mom. Happy Birthday sara.'re welcome again.

Moe...I'm glad you likeee. Can you believe I'm probably gonna miss your birthday for the next 5 years :( That my dear, I don't likeee at all