Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Family have or not to have

My little brother is here for a visit that should last about a month. Earlier this year my sisters and niece stayed with me for about a month in September. Later in October my parents came for another 3 weeks visit. Now my little brother. And if all goes well, my other brother and family (wife and 2 kids) will be visiting in May. Now I'd like to think they all came to visit because of what I mean to them and not because I'm in Orlando. But then again, I stayed in a little no-place called Indiana, Pennsylvania for over 3 years and I didn't have this many people visit me. So I don't know. Is it the mouse that attracts them all here? I sure hope not.
The beautiful thing about family visits is that you never feel lonely. It's fun when they all visit because I get to see more of Orlando as I take my role as tour guide. (I did a lousy job at that when my sisters were here, probably due to the fact that it was a fresh start for me here. Or maybe I was still sad about leaving home)
The downside of all these visits of course is that I can't work. I have to entertain. Having a rather tight schedule as it is lately, this can't be good. 3 projects to finish before I return home in June. That means a project a month. But with 2 family visits, lasting for about a month each, that leaves me with only one month. Not so good anymore.
I have to work my way around all this. Maybe get my brother familiar with the area then give him the car keys and hire him as a baby sitter during this spring break. This way I can have the house all to myself to work at while he, my guest, entertains my kids. Kids? Do I dare call an 11 and 15 year old kids still?
I'm taking my liberty writing this here assuming that neither my brothers nor my parents will read it. I doubt if my sister-in-law would read it either. As for my sisters, one is not computer-friendly and the other already knows it all.
Now enough whining for tonight. Been doing alot of whining lately.
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moe-isha said...

wohooooo got you to whinnin - but hey i enjoyed readin this - from one whiner to a relatively new other - whinning is cathartic or wuteva and howeva u spell that.. neways missed u loads nooni- wish i was visitin u too, i wouldnt care bout disney, i'll be there for you - and for the fact that finally i am of legal age age to do anything!!!!! lol :P

Shurouq said...

Well.. You know I didn't visit to see the Mouse, I visited to get over The Rat.

Oh yea.. and to hang out with you of course :)