Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Blue Disappointment 2005

And thanks Zaydoun
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Shurouq said...

I swear I knew if you were to start a Blogger blog, that you'd choose this template!


Zaydoun said...

My pleasure!

Judy Abbott said...


snookie said...

lesh blue disappointment? i thought we did really well! what with sa3doon on our side and with sheikh sba7 al a7mad FULLY supporting us, what can go wrong?
i believe in 2005 :)

and when it comes, i'll say
"ladies and gentlemn, we go it.." ;p

Hanan said...

Talk is cheap snookie. What was the outcome of the session? Did it approve women's vote? That's the only positive outcome I can think of. I'm not being pessimistic in anyway but wasn't sheikh jaber himself FULLY supporting us back in 1999? Or at least thats what the Amiri decree made it sound like.
I don't want people to support us. I want our rights, all of them, to be acknowledged. And untill that is done, yes unfortunately, regardless of the huge turnout, it was still a disappointment.
I'm not politically savvy so if my reading of this is wrong, correct me.

Shurouq, daaaaamn girl. Am I that predictable? or is the work DULL?