Friday, July 27, 2007

Food & Movies

Can you think of a movie that doesn't include a food or drink scene?
In a lazy family hangout yesterday, after a brunch of fool (which explains the thickness in the head) we spent hours trying to come up with movies that do not have food/drink scenes.
Our search was not successful.
صج ما عندنا سالفة

I think I have an obsession with food, among my other obsessions of course. But at least my food obsession is justifiable. It runs in the family. Even among my friends food is a constant topic of discussion.
ناس فجعانين كما يقول الوالد العزيز

My sister just proved me right in the middle of writing this post when she asked for dessert in the same breath that she's telling us she's leaving to have lunch with friends. faj3aneen indeed.

Now this cheesecake is right in front of me and I'm finding it hard to resist. I'm hoping my mom wouldn't offer me a piece. I know I wouldn't say no.

Are you often trapped into saying yes when what you want to say is no? Why would you say it? Why would you agree to do something when you wish to disagree? Or are you one of those unyielding people who never bend?


Disillusioned said...

Yeah cheesecake. One advice to your "mom's cheescake": Offer a big piece soon before it's too late.

People say no only when they don't like someone/something.

They are unbendable only when they hate something/someone.

shosho said...

بين السماء و الأرض
Twelve Angry Men

- Two films that I think have no scenes involving food and eating.

And I hate fool :)

Ace said...

Star Trek movies yemken
هالفضائيين ياكلون؟

White Wings said...

God yes Hanan
i am always trapped into saying yes, i don't know how to say no...i think i might get sick with guilt if i do :)
and i have to tell all that you yeilded to that cheesecake and had a piece :)

cookie said...

Its rude to say no espcially when the cheesecake is homemade 7aram ull find her t3bana 3leha, and i cant say no to cheesecake especially cheesecake factory. SAY YES and have 1 or 2 bites whats wrong with rewarding urself with something yummi..

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Disturbed Stranger said...

I never bend :)

Alia said...

A movie that doesn't include a food or drink scene???
وحاطة صورة شوكولا؟؟!!!؟؟


س من الناس: حنان، تلعبين كوت؟
حنان: لأ مالي خلق
س: يللا عاد .. تعالي انتي سادستنا
حنان: لا صج مالي خلق
س: يللا عاد تعالي
حنان: اوكي يللا

Nnow you answer those questions? coz i don't know .. as I rarley bend

If i wanna say no .. it's no
you know me na7eesa

white wings

الاعتراف بالحق فضيلة
you're always trapped by the "KING" into saying yes >> sa7?

بالديسار said...

How about "Phone Booth"

Apathy said...

I can relate, as a person who had to deal with addiction, I found it impossible to say no to a cigerate until I found it impossible to inhale one. I guess its the way we were built, we cant say no to immediate pleasure unless we can sense immediate harm. Its almost hard-impossible to say no to something as gloriously delicious such as cheese cake unless we learn to say no to it .. or we feel immediate danger from it. It's one of those stupid things that makes us human at the end of the day.

Hanan said...

disillusioned. A piece was offered and enjoyed :)
shosho. Twelve Angry Men has no food scenes? No wonder they're angry. (I know...very lame :)
ace. I'm not a Star Trek expert but in general I think food and outer space do get along pretty good.
white wings. lol. Of course I yielded. When have I ever not yielded?
cookie. And it's exactly because I don't want to b rude that I had a piece :)
disturbed stranger. There was a lot of 'bending' in your stories though :p
alia. That scenario never happened...ever. :P And yes you are known for your stubborn head...na7esa 7addich :p
baldisar. Yes I think you're right. No room for food or drinks in a phone booth anyway.
apathy. I promise you there was no imminent danger coming from that cheese cake. And yes you're right. It does seem to be a human trait. Or maybe a human weakness.

White Wings said...

well, let's say he has a way of getting me to do what he wants thinking it's what i want :) so yes, sa7 :)

New Bride said...

oh Gad ya u r right , moreover u can`t watch movies without food

Girl Meets World said...

when it comes to food u can't say no! even when u do say no u end up eating more than I do. Should I keep the fa6ayer story to myself? :P