Thursday, July 19, 2007

A day at Om ElMaradim

Weather was great. Company fun. Music just right.

N looking for shells

Y enjoying the water

Feet bathing in the sun/sand :)

Thank you Y & A for lending us your boat.


ValenciaLover said...

That was pretty... QUICK

ValenciaLover said...

check the first picture in this post and my blog identity picture

TRiPLE M said...

I like the beach, the sands look wonderful

Amjad said...

Where is Om ElMaradim? in Kuwait?

The beach really looks beautiful! Like REALLY beautiful!

3baid said...

Mashallah :)
I only wish the Kuwaiti beaches could be like that.

Abdulaziz said...

i go there a lot , next time go to garooh its 10 minutes east from umalmaradem the beach is good and the coral is amazing ....

cookie said...

beach looks so clear and relaxing i wish i could live there with a home ofcourse where there is no malls and ppl

Shopaholic said...

ah! I want

Sameer said...

Thank you for posting the pic of our play, Galatia. Nice words too. appreciate it. I just forwarded the link to the other actors. They all are glad to read what you wrote about us. Thanks :)


Girl Meets World said...

Wanasa :D so my Laguna beach post inspired u? :P

Hanan said...

valencia ee mako shughul :)
triple m welcome to my blog. Visit again.
amjad. Yes it's a small island to the south of Kuwait. Uninhabited but for a frequent boat owners, thus the beach remains clean, relatively speaking.
3baid. This is a Kuwaiti beach. But you have a point, I wish our city beaches are like this.
abdulaziz. As we take off from Khairan, we are told this is the closest destination.
cookie. That would be ideal :)
sameer you're welcome. I loved your show. Only wished I told my students to attend.
girl meets world. something like that :) I was just trying to show you that we have our own Laguna beaches here :P