Monday, May 07, 2007

Shisha-induced Thoughts

I smell like shisha. I used to really hate that stuff. (Relics of an ex-relationship that is only now fading away) Now I'm finding it easier to handle spending time with shisha smokers. The minty flavor of tonight's shisha actually appealed to me. I hope this doesn't develop into a smoking habit. I hate smokers :) (Not my sister of course, she can indulge all she wants in her phallic symbols, I still love her)

Reading Morrison's nobel lecture in class, and forcing a deep analysis of a bird in the hands of kids, I finally agreed with a student that sometimes Ignorance is bliss.
Who came up with such atrocity? Ignorance is never bliss. Now knowledge might be a disaster. You might not accept that knowledge. Hell, you might even hate that knowledge. But does that make ignorance such a bliss?
I would always prefer knowing to not knowing. Even if knowing can cause a turmoil within me.
Besides, I'm a caring (or is it curious?) person by nature. So naturally I always want to know.

A simple lunch with sisters and cousins is never a simple lunch :) Laish il fathayi7? And why is it that we seem more willing to talk about our lives in the midst of crowds of people while in the comfort of each other's houses, with no eavesdroppers, we tend to be reserved? (We is my cousins and I, so if this doesn't apply to you, my dear reader, mo lazim) It is as though we believe that the noise will dim our secrets and distort the full image we are presenting into a distorted, fragmented one, more easy to accept than a full and unified picture.


Soud said...

التدخين بشكل عام مضر بالصحة,والمدخن يضر صحته ويضر المحيطين به

في الأنظمة اللتى تحاول حكم شعوبها تروج بعض الشعارات التي تساعدها لهذه الغاية وطبعا لما يكون الشعب جاهل يسهل حكمه وتوجيهه

وأخيرا تحبون الفضايح :P

Narrator said...

Smoking makes you age faster!hmmmmmm it's better to "eat each other's flesh" in a restaurant :P

AnGeL said...

i hate smoking and smokers :x

so, u agreed with his theory?! i thought u didn't!! anyways, with u, u never know, though i'm starting to know and predect lol, i think the arguments in the class are getting deeper and tougher ;)

and yes talking about personal stuff and secrets always comes up in crouded places, i do that with my sister all the time lool

Alia said...

A smoker? you? ma ylouq killish
ba3dain we're trying to make your sis quit .. so don't double the job for us
Ignorance is never a bliss .. I'd rather know things even if it'll hurt me .. على الاقل عشان ما اكون مدمغة
So stop hiding things from me .. you evil S & H (hint: kaloo3a)
You're so sensitive my dear cousin ;*

بعدين يمعة البيت مو مثل يمعة برة .. الأوادم أقل وغير .. وإلا لأ؟

Disturbed Stranger said...
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Disturbed Stranger said...

Smoking isn't as bad as people think. It has it's advantages:

1) releases tension
2) keeps you warm in winter
3) can sometimes be a 'turn on'

I say go for it. You only live once, so you might as well enjoy yourself without restrictions.(ofcourse I am refering to cigerettes here not shisha). And for those who say smoking kills...who cares? your gonna die eventually :)

As for your will to know, sometimes you're better off not knowing. And 'curiousity killed the cat'. But cats have 9 lives...lets hope you do as well :)

Hanan said...

soud. I know. I'm hoping it was an attack of temporary insanity :)

narrator. What if I wanna be a vegetarian?

angel. I never agree or disagree in class. I just play with your heads. You should know that by now :P

alia. Smoking: maybe it's an if you can't beat them, join them kinda thing. Ignorance: I'm with you. Even if it kills me I'd want to know. Sensitive?: Moi? Hell no ;)

ds. Nah. the urge to smoke is already gone. Besides, I'd rather stay healthy till I die anyway. And ... I'm no cat :)

Shurouq said...

Are you kidding me?
Public places are way more private than our homes..

And I hate how some cousins won't crack no matter what you say or do to pull their legs.

(i got the book you asked for)

wael fekry said...

i dont love smokin but of my frind have an opinine he smok to Cremates the smokin becuse hi dont to Cremates him self
انا لا احب التدخين ولكن احد اصدقائى برر تدخينه بانه يحرق السيجاره بدل ان يحرق اعصابه او نفسه
شكرا لك

dooya said...

I write my best papers during shisha..I get into trouble and get yelled at and i don't care..(the smoke does something) Shisha makes me happy :) It's also a great laxative.. True it isn't healthy, but after all what are we doing that is healthy? Everything around us either causes cancer or ageing or whatever it is that it does.

wael fekry said...

dooya if you be happy with this ok go head any thang mak any one happy it will be good