Thursday, April 12, 2007

English Day


AnGeL said...

nice...loved it
though the colours didn't turn out to be the same ;p

sweetd said...

:) amazing

cookie said...

what does the english day mean?

ValenciaLover said...

it was a great day,
i enjoyed it more than i had imagined.
well done my dear.

i was so happy to see how much you're loved by your students.

Musheira, MsaƩd and Meqdad were the ones i most liked, and for the plays, Duke of Ferrara was amazingly beautiful.

the problem is nunu can't wait till she skips school to go and attend one of your classes.

White Wings said...

it was amazing
good job
yalla, are you preparing for next year? :)

ValenciaLover said...
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Disturbed Stranger said...
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Hanan said...

cookie. English day is an 'amazing' day (2 days actually) in which students of the English Department at Kuwait University participate in presenting the audience with plays, music, papers, poetry, and artwork. I'm sorry I wasn't able to clarify before.

white wings. We are more than eager to start preparing for next year. I can't wait :)

cookie said...

when i was ur student we never had this such thing