Monday, April 02, 2007

الصبيح من دون ملفع أوحجاب

the paternalism that claims woman for hearth and home defines her as sentiment, inwardness, immanence. ... when one offers the existent no aim, or prevents him from attaining any, or robs him of his voctory, then his transcendence falls vainly into the past--that is to say, falls back into immanence. This is the lot assigned to women in the patriarchate. ... To identify Woman with Altruism is to guarantee to man absolute rights in her devotion, is it to impose on women a categorical imperative. (Simone de Beauvoir)

Imagine what would've happened if the minister of education walked into the parliament with her head 'forcefully' covered.
Imagine being told that you have to cover your head to walk into your office, to walk into your classroom, to go shopping, to go out for dinner, to walk on the beach ...
Imagine being told that you can't go into your office because it is shared by a male colleague, you can't go to class because it is not fuly segregated, you can't go shopping or walk on the beach because your place is at home.

Why imagine? It does not seem so far-fetched at this stage, does it?

I salute our Minister of Education for her refusal to give in, for taking the oath with her hair revealed (the shame! the disgrace!), in the midst of yells and screams of those ignorant MP's


White Wings said...

and i join you in saluting her
maybe the picture would be clearer if you ask people to imagine being forced to take off the hijab when going out in the street or to the mall, does this bring the horror of powerlessness closer to mind?
wonderful post
thanks hanan

Ghasheema said...

what they are doing is the last breaths of a dying man....their movement will soon cease to they are trying to stay into the headlines as much as possible....I assure got nothing to do with religion....its all politics and propoganda!!1

Even though I would have prefered the minister be covered....but if it doesnt come from absolute believe in the viel itself...then she is doing islam a favour by not using the islamic image to get around...

Either way...I hope she does her job very well and with all honesty...and I personally will judge her the same way I would judge all the Ministers and difference between man or woman....

But I want her to sucessed...she is putting the first blocks of steps for all kuwaiti women and political positions :)

sorry for taking so long...hope I didnt bore u !!!

BLaSha said...

i hate her.. i hate her

Swair. said...

great post :D

ArabLady said...

me, another arab female, salutes her too!

Hanan said...

white wings. Their argument would be that taking it off isn't within the shar3 :)

ghasheema. "their movement will soon cease to exist"
That seems so much like wishful thinking. I hope you're right.I hope she succeeds too. But her success or failure will not be her own only. Unfortunately, she will be blamed even for other people's faults. And her ministry is known to be always in trouble anyway.
And my dear ghasheema you are always welcome with your long or short comments here.

blask. offff. Inzain enlighten us. Laish you hate her?

swair. Thank you dear.

arablady. Welcome to my blog.

Spontaneousnessity said...

hear hear ..

I enjoyed the little stand up boramiya tried hopelessly but I wouldn't say I give it 10/10.. nice try boramiah =}
Bravo Nouriya.. stand up tall for what you know is rightfully your right

off topic, it was fun getting to see you guys 2 days in a row =} hope to see you again soon.


Alia said...

بو "طوط طوط" طاحت سكته بعد سالفة إسقاط القروض ... قال خل أسوي أكشن شوي حق الانتخابات الياية

ماكو سالفة

& no need to imagine ... مو مستبعد الموضوع بتاتا

Girl Meets World said...

The whole argument is that women should not be there to begin with. With or without 7jab, it would not cover the fact that we are still women (since they see us as a moving temptation). I see everyone moving forward, yet we are standing still. And you blame me for hating this godforsaken place!

Hanan said...

sponty. It was great seeing you too. Politics serves a very noble social purpose :)

alia. Yeah the problem is that it's true. No need to imagine at all.

gmw. You're right. if it's not her 7jab, it'd be something else. And ya rait only standing still. We seem to be moving backward.
But you see. I love this godforsaken place. That's why things like this get to me.