Monday, March 19, 2007

Due Date (the approved version)

I still haven't finished the book which I postponed our meeting to finish. Over 300 pages left to read in 2 days. Doable, but unlikely.

I have to go register to the NBK marathon but driving into Salmiya at this hour is not an attractive idea, so I'm procrastinating by blogging.

I'm hungry and my stomach makes very loud demands when I'm hungry. That can be a real annoyance at times. I fed it a damn peanut butter and jelly sandwich but it still groans and moans. So I decided not to submit to it. If it throws temper tantrums to get what it wants, I have to teach it a lesson. No food for you until you hush.

I would satisfy it by a visit to my favorite restaurant, except that lately the service at Le Notre has been deteriorating noticeably. Food is still good, but those waiters are clueless.

So it's patience my noisy stomach. You shall be fed once I'm done doing what I'm doing.

I can eat cereal any time of the day. Can you?


Aurora said...

The poster is nice...not as clever as the one with the pregnant woman, but its nice!

I wouldn't bother with the book if I were you }:)

You can eat cereal anytime you wish Hanan, and as a matter of fact I think I'll have some now too :) enjoy!

Purgatory said...

I still see the woman in the poster, you hid her!

Hanan said...

Playing the guess who's this blogger game can be interesting. Aurora I'm pinning you down to 2 names. Still can't place you for sure though.

purg. With a little imagination those lines here can be a very seductive woman's figure. I didn't hide her that well. And by the way, this is not my work. The two posters are by two different artists.

eshda3wa said...

cereal is my snack between snacks

Jacqui said...

It looks hot but the previous one was hotter though but then again this is still hot and I like hot stuff. But then again no but yeah but okay I think I lost you enough.

I am sleepy. :(

No3iK said...

i love it,
the pregnant woman was beautiful.
but this one is more artistic.

i`ll be there inshallah.
and ya36eekum al3afya :)

AnGeL said...

hmmm, this is nice, but still the pregnant woman rules lol

i eat cereal with dried fruite, it's amazing any time of the day ;)

the book is nice, but don't read it if you want to, they will let you know what its about, you still wont like it if i were you i would start with next one, it sounds better ;)

sweetd said...

I've been having obbession with cereal these past few weeks, i seem to be eating it at the end of the day, 3aks il awadim:P...

Poster is does look more sophisticated!:).. and 7aram dont tourcher ur stomach u do realise it is part of ur body???..

Goodluck with the book, ive got got exactly 10 books i want to read but NO TIME!....

White Wings said...

the new poster, i liky
and cereal with "milk"...nop, only when i am extremely hungry, which i am all the time as you know :)
check my fridge any time you nasty comments now :)

White Wings said...

hanan visimy blog when you have time, we are cooking something :)

Swair. said...

cereal rocks!

Alia said...

nah .. i liked the first one better

& cereal anytime of the day??? but of course

Anonymous said...

i agree that the first one was far better :P