Thursday, March 01, 2007

Due Date

Dearest Swair already posted on this act of KU dumbness. And I plead guilty of this act.

Unfortunately, this poster, brilliant as it is, will not be on display on the esteemed walls of the Faculty of Arts. The reasons: It will cause tongues to wag, eyebrows to be raised, drawing unnecessary attention to our day. I wasn't told not to use it, but I was adviced to choose my battles wisely. Not all publicity is good publicity. And I caved in.

Personally, I still fail to see the big deal here. It's a pregnant woman. Women do get pregnant occasionally. What's controversial about that?

* Poster was done at KU printers and picture shot by my phone camera. So quality isn't as good as the one I received from the designer.


Brava Valentia said...

it's beautiful!

Purgatory said...

You are a trouble maker just like Alia.

shosho said...

I just cannot see anything controversial about it, but again I'm not a pervert.

I advise you to go against the grain this time because from what I see there is nothing unwise about starting this battle.

Why don't you check with the censorship people at the MI, I know they do have a perverted vision too, but at least they have a clear idea of what is to be banned/ allowed?

Alia said...

it's a beautiful poster ..
I very much likey ..
typical me ha?

أقوللج المشكلة؟
أولا لابسة بلوزة حفر وزنودها كلهم بره .. وهو حسب أعراف جامعة الكويت لباس غير شرعي
حامل؟ ... من منو؟
متزوجة او لأ؟ والزواج شرعي والا عرفي؟
الجنين .. ولد او بنت؟

يعني إبعد عن الشر وغنيله


ليش التحرش؟؟؟ ترى آنا أليفة

CQ said...

Problem is, nobody knows why this thing is offensive. Problem is, everyone knows, including extremists, that pregnant women don't generally make men, or women for that matter, sexually aroused. It does not even have any negative connotation what so ever, and everybody knows that. You know what the real problem is though? that they have made us slaves, yes slaves, to their retarded unjustified ideology, that even what does not scare them any more scares us even more. Because we submitted to them rather than thought of ways to reason with them, or just generally piss them off, its all good. Its all politics and its all ugly. Unfortunately, in this case I do agree that you have done the correct thing, because there are far greater things to lose than to just start picking a fight with them.

eshda3wa said...

its beautiful, i really liked it
controversial? ma 3nduhum salfa sara7a

New Bride said...

it`s great i love it :)

bas 3adee jam3at el kuwait "Takhalof "

Cixousian Panic said...

your influence has been astronomical!! :D

check blog!

Hanan said...

brava. Indeed it is. People are drawn to it whenever they enter my office.

purg. I wish I was a trouble maker, but alas, the poster is now hidden from view. But yes I agree on Alia being a trouble maker :D

shosho. Censorship people? Really? You're talking as if this thing is actually organized. There is no censorship people. There's only the whims and quirks of perverts :)

alia. lol. Your comment alone shows you as a trouble-maker.

cq. Thank you. And your effort has not gone to waste. You have your select group of admirers who think highly of your work.

eshda3wa. welcome to my blog. And they never have salfa anyway.

new bride. also welcome to my blog. Hope married life's treating you fairly.

cixous. Long time no see girl. And thank you. I'm honored.

White Wings said...

obviously a pregnant body draws attention to...yes..the body... of a woman, and that's a scandalous aspect on its own, then, there is the fact that pregnancy implicates sex..for a woman, haaaaa, you kidding me!!
advice is always stay with pictures of men, much safer :)
good luck

Alia said...

هذي يزاتي قاعد أنورج

تتعاونين مع البطريق علي؟؟

Jewaira said...

It would stir all sorts of emotions within my sensitive soul and I would probably want to make a baby after looking at that beautiful belly.

I hope you keep us up to date on relevant KU activities...

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

what I meant to ask on Swair blog, what is "English Day"? Is it like an open day for the department?

Hanan said...

white wings. OK. What do we have in mind here? Johnny Depp? McDreamy? Sawyer? Let's go ahead and use them then :)

jewaira. Interesting argument. I'd thought the objection to it is that it might enduce men to improper acts of sexual indecencies. It never crossed my mind that it is equally dangerous to our young girls. Thank you for enlightening us :)
And as soon as we finalize the schedule, I'll post it here.

shopa. English day is a day of students productions: plays, music and art. It is open to the public and I will post more information soon.

AnGeL said...

nice blog :)
i loved the poster and hate them for saying no to it ;(

anyways, i have it and it's going to be part of my wall soon lol

White Wings said...

go the distance Hanan, use Jack Neckelson...hay..keep an open mind

Ali said...

may be the person rejecting doesnt believe he came out of his mother's tummy

the ad is very nice by the way

--- ---
the first Kuwaiti podcast, LISTEN to us

Hanan said...

angel welcome to my blog. And the poster is a beautiful wall decoration in my office.

white wings. I shall heed your advice. Next year thought. Let this year pass peacefully.

ali. Also welcome to my blog. Mother's tummy's are taboo. They are not to be mentioned in my blog :)

Aurora said...

Lovely poster...very clever :)

Ma3alaich minhom, they don't appreciate beauty...ibu6oon ilchabd!!!

Edrak said...

What a shame .. nice poster

there is nothing as good as bad publicity yet i guess the English Dept is a minority and can`t decide for itself.. therefore it will be always under the shoes of such extremist thoughts.
Literature people .. where are those novels you read about fighting and trying to express and stand up for yourself ? or is literature something u read and say and can`t find eventually something to apply from?

good luck