Saturday, September 02, 2006

Meryl Streep in Central Park

Mother Courage

Meryl Streep & Kevin Kline in Mother Courage, part of the Shakespeare in the Park productions.

Mother Courage (stage)

Regardless of the weather turning cold and the rain getting heavier, the audience continued to pour in.

raining on Mother Courage

Then it started raining heavy, we took out our umbrellas, they had to stop. Streep wasn't too happy about that and raised her fist up towards the rain, cursing it?

I have to give these actors credit. They continued acting in spite of the rain. It is us, mortal subjects, who were bothered by it. Meryl Streep, needless to say, was amazingly energetic, rolling around in the mud, jumping and singing on stage. I fell in love with her all over again.
Tomorrow night, I say goodbye to New York City. Though it's been treating me good (these past 12 days), I miss home. I miss my boys and my bed and my shower.
Most of all I miss my blogger friends (not really most of all but since you'd be reading this I thought I'd play to your ego)


moryarti said...

There is a cheesecake joint on Broadway ave, i think its 2 or 3 blocks away from Virgin... i think around the corner of West 46th and Broadway ..try it.. its divine!!!!

Puppylove said...

AHHHHH I love this city, i was there just this past June, although i was alone, never felt lonely...cant wait 2 go again....

Jacqui said...

It's nice hehehe I know your feeling but I had 28 days of the States and I missed my bed and home and family so badly hehe ;P Hehehe you see most of all you miss your own bathroom right? :P

But I'm glad you're having fun and that this was a nice time off for you. Hope you have a safe trip back :)

Jewaira said...

The play sounds wonderful...and wouldn't be wonderful if you couild bring us back one black cloud laden with rain?
We are parched here.

White Wings said...

ok, so because I have no plans to be mushy when you get here, I say it on your blog
this is too long of a trip, i don't like it a bit
you get your butt home right now
walla we miss you girl so very much
and Streep never ceases to amaze us...on all levels

Anonymous said...

NO YOU DIDN'T! Meryl streep marra wa7da!! *faints*

Anonymous said...

Amoot 3aliha, yalla get back home safe, I know you missed me ;p


ValenciaLover said...

you remind me of my first time to NY, well not first time but first time as an adult? 2002, best times ever

Mariah Carey And Meryl Streep marra wahda? i envy you girl

Hanan said...

moryati. i made do with the cupcakes from Magnolia bakery on Bleecker St. Divine.

pink bublegum. How can anyone feel alone in such a crowded place?

jacqui. Thanks. I had a blast and a nice flight back.

Jewaira. The rain laden cloud escorted us all the way to Amsterdam. As we neared Kuwait, the croud refused to budge from Europe. Do you blame it?

white wings. aaawwww. I missed you too.

Ayya. Of course I missed you. Do I have to wait for a rally to see you?

Valencia. Now that I'm home, I envy me too.