Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jetlagged much indeed.

Following Jacquie's extra long travel journal, here's mine:

I leave the hotel at 6:20pm, arrive at JFK 7 as per the airline's instructions to be at the airport 3 hours prior to departure. Well, guess what? Our check-in line was not in the least bit crowded and we checked in in 30 minutes. Entry through the gates was also swift (another 30 minutes tops). So by 8 we're ready to board, but plane leaves at 10. We shop, eat, drink, shop some more.

7 hours to Amsterdam. I have my sleep aids and an intention to sleep the 7 hours. Next to me sits a lady heading to Cyprus. She is a talker, a snorer, a chewer, a breather, a mover ... and she does all those things continuously and loudly. Needless to say, I barely slept for 3 hours.

3 hour wait in Amsterdam. Sleepy but hungry. So we eat. Always a good way to kill time at airports. Amsterdam has a comfortable airport. I manage a 30 minute nap on the chair.

5 hours to Kuwait. Couldn't sleep at all. Those stupid personal TVs can be harmful at times. I am one who loses sleep when watching TV. I flipped chanels, watched TV, music, played, disregarding my bloodshot red eyes.

10 pm, I'm home. 12 I'm in bed. 1 I'm up again. Stay up till 5:30. Sleep till 1 (causing mommy and daddy dearest to worry when I didn't answer the phone after promising them to have breakfast with them)

Second night. I hit the sack at 11. Wake up at 3:30. Decide to watch 24 (episode 1 of season 4) to put me to sleep (knowing fully well that TV keeps me up rather than lulls me to sleep). I stay up till 6:30 when the alams goes off waking up an already wide awake me. I see the kids off to school and by 7:30 I manage to sleep hoping for a phone call from mom to wake me up around 9 (our usual breakfast time). Well, mommy dearest decides to let me sleep in today and I wake up at 10:30 on a call from NBK.

Tonight's plan. Take the damned sleeping aids again hoping they won't cause me to dream about noisy lady from Cyprus.

Long post. Don't blame me. It's my inspiration's fault.
Will you forgive me if I leave you with the soothing sound of the fountain trickling by the Lake at Central Park?

Lake at Central Park


Jacqui said...

i loved it lol hehehe it was fun, granted not as detailed as mine hehe but oh well ;P

And Jetlagging is really not cool.

I forgive you for whatever you do from here on forward. (I hope that came out right :/)

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I'm jetlagged too!

Brava Valentia said...

Snoring lady from Cyprus sounds very familiar , welcome home !

بالديسار said...

Let me tell you what I do on long flights to escape noisy or weird neighbours: earplugs and the eye cover on my face ... done ... you don't hear them, you don't see them. plus you can't imagine how much your tiredness will be cut if you keep the noise off with the earplugs.

It is a little late for this advice ... but hey you never know when it might come in handy.

3asal said...

Welcome back sweetie, you’ve been missed, Jet lagging is the only bad thing in these long trips, but it’s worth it. I usually take a resting day or tow in between long flights. But regardless; I’m sure you had a great time.


الفارســـــــــــة الحرة said...
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A3sab said...

welcome back!

moryarti said...

imagine a 15hr direct from JFK to Dubai .. i was jetlagged for a whole week! :)

Alia said...

عدي خرفان يمكن تقدرين تنامين
نصيحة متخزنة بمخي من أيام إفتح يا سمسم لما أنيس وبدر يعدون الخرفان عشان يقدرون ينامون

Soud said...

welcome back

iDip said...

Welcome back dear :)

Jetlag.. nevermind! Look at the bright side, you had a good time in NY, didn't you?

kila ma6goog said...

حمدالله عالسلامة

حتى انا جت لاق

حامض على بوزي

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

New post PLEASE!