Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Manhattan: A City of Architecture

Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building

St. Patrick's Cathedral
St. Patrick's Cathedral

NY Public Library
NY Public Library

Building from Will & Grace
Building from Will&Grace

Perry St (Carrie Bradshaw's)
Carrie Bradshaw's from Sex and the City (Perry St.)

Apple Store
Apple Store

Metropolitan Museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

New York Stock Exchange
NY Stock Exchange

WTC Ground Zero
WTC (what used to be)

This post is inspired by my visit to the Zaha Hadid exhibition at the Guggenheim's yesterday.


Anonymous said...

If you're still in NY, go check out the musicals 'the drowsy chaperon' or 'wicked'.

ValenciaLover said...

"Manhattan: A city of my own"

Mini Я. said...

*sighs* I miss it all.

بالديسار said...

I love everything about this city.
I had the best ever shushi in NY last November.
can't wait to be there again.

AyyA said...

Have a ball, and inhale all the fresh air while you can and keep some in store for when you get back home, freedom air that is, NYC for me is the city of liberation.

I found out that the only difference between NYC sushi and others in Japanese restaurants in Kuwait is that you have it there with sake which gives it its special flavor. It’s the right way to have sushi :)

بالديسار said...

I have an advantage over you ... I don't live in kwt ... so for me sake every time I have sushi is the norm.
But this place is really the best … actually puts nobu in its right place … which is very low on my list