Monday, December 26, 2005

I used to like Kuwait University

After finding this in my mailbox yesterday I came to accept that this is how things are. Whether I like it or not, our esteemed colleagues/administrators seem to think that it is the business of an academic institution to instill religious beliefs into its students. We might as well shut down the faculty of arts and transfer our students to Sharee3a.

Am I to expect a dress code soon? And will that apply to students only or does it also cover teachers?

And on a separate but related note: دعاء الركوب? Am I still at Kuwait University or is it now some religious institution? A colleague of mine was enraged because I asked my colleagues to consider the implications of these ads by leaving a note in their mailboxes. His/her argument was that I was thrusting my beliefs on them. Isn't the university administration thrusting its beliefs on students when it starts circulating religious messages in any form or shape? It's a university for god's sake, a place of learning. Can't we keep it as just that?
I have a big issue with calling our ministry of education وزارة التربية والتعليم, I don't accept strangers to be in charge of my children's 'tarbiya.'


Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. You have a very interesting blog. Can I mention it on one of my blogs - 21 21 21 Blogs ???

3baid said...

Some might argue that it's not "forcing" students but more like "re-enforcing" them, assuming they are all muslim?

Anonymous said...

we should all stand up and put a stop to this before it gets out of hand!!!!!! or we will regret it. We are muslim but its up to us how we dress not some one to tell us how!!!!!!

Jacqui said...

My reply to this would be the only question that is blinking in my head or ringing even:



Draw a huge cross on that paper and stick it outside on one of the public notice boards. That should give them a taste of rejection.

desmond said...

A university should be a place that keeps you aware of all the possibilities out there, short of actually endorsing any...or did I waste my 4 years?
Nice to see you back.

zinzinq8 said...

Hi hanan,
I dont understand the connection with du3aa il rikoob? The adds were about girls dressing and guys talking right?

9oot said...

I’m starting a terrorist group that will attack terrorists in Kuwait…….would u like to join :^)

Anonymous said...

BS, excuse my language, but this is not a way to take care of any situation especially at an institution.

Where is the democracy?? I don't understand when people think we live in a democratic country... elhmdla we might have a portion of democracy compared to other arab countries but seeing something like this is just ridiculous....

I think they shouldn't waste their time on these issues that are better left for parents to take care of, rather they should try to improve the education level of the university and encourage students to be involved in research and higher academic activities than dressing right or "passing out pens" as the paper u posted mentioned...

Swair. said...

KU are idiots.

Spontaneousnessity said...

this country is going down the drain.. yeah I say that alot, I just hope the youth will stand up and do something about it.

AyyA said...

I thought that the country was going slowly but surely down the hill, now I see it diving head first into the ocean, sad, really sad.
But I thing this should not pass, this is your fight for freedom. And as I said before, it will not stop right there and the more you wait crossed handed, baffled faced, the harder it will be the battle, yes it is a battle, UK student and faculty battle for our kids. Make the coming generation proud of you. Reject submission.
I suggest a strong reply to that passed like flyers in the university as the first step. Don’t be afraid, ya3ni shino yegderoon yesawoon? Think about it.

Saad said...

I have no issue with the KU Management's decision to launch this campaign or any other campaign of that nature. Their view is "we see something 'wrong' and lets try to fix it (or pretend to fix it)". Right or wrong, thats where they are coming from.

What is appalling however is that KU's student body did absolutely nothing in retaliation. Above I said "right or wrong, thats their position.."

Here is where students should yell "WRONG!"

What good are students if they dont challenge IDEAS, THOUGHTS, POSITIONS, THE STATUS QUO, what good are students if they done become idealists if even for a semmester or revolutionary for a quarter.

Liberties across the world, many of which were granted to us in Kuwait, were led, caused, fought for by students!

Now KU's management is 'the establishment' and they have the right to get away with whatever they can-thats the name of the game. But where are the students?

If you want to blame anyone, dont blame the KU directors, blame the students for being shallow and without a belief to fight for.

ZinZinQ8 said...

saad, I totally underrstand where you're coming from. I think it's the same thing when everyone blames il majliss (Palriament). Blame the people who voted for them first.

*no one explained shinoo 3elagat du3aa il rikoob??

White Wings said...

You know that students in KU are represented by the student union which is currently a religious, even more, a fundamentalist faction, embodying all what these words mean. I heard they actually have a hand in this, so opposing this kind of demeaning moral lesson is not even on their agenda, it opposes their agenda...sad ha!!

Hanan said...

kelvin. thank you. and yes

3baid. re-inforcing religious beliefs is not part of the agenda of an academic institution. or at least it shouldn't be. again, that is the role of religious institutions.

anon. it's already out of hand.

jackie. coz you're in bin laden territory apparently.

tantalize. i'm not that bold, unfortunately.

desmond. possibilities? you means ones from which i can choose? we seem to be moving further and further away from free choice.

zinzinq8. i don't see the connection either. but apparently the dressing and talking is part of a bigger campaign to 'enlighten' our students. a crusade of sorts :)

9oot. lol. i'm in

anon. exactly, shouldn't this money go towards improving the academic facilities: libraries, computer labs, etc?

swair. :)

spont. the youth. in kuwait it seems the older generations had more rebellious strokes in them than our youth.

ayya. i don't excell in the art of rhetoric, neither am i bold, nor an activist. i guess i can point to the faults but not do much to fix them.

saad. i'll repeat what i told spont. students/youth lack spunk. i guess we've become too spoiled to care about anything enough to fight for it. it's the result of being fed with golden spoons.

white wings. right and not so right. student union is only lead by those types because their voices are louder and their pockets are heavier. alot of students are against the union but their powers aren't united and they're not very active in asserting their opinions. (and welcome to my blog)

ZinZinQ8 said...

I still think du3aa il rikoob is a great idea...I mean I think people should say it when they start dricing, especially in this country!

White Wings said...

Hay Hanan
so I'm not that predictable after all :) I changed names afew days ago, the older name confused the heck out of is my user name for many web and non web "things" so I had to change. See, I can be unpredictable ..
And I know that we have many students who are not happy with the situation and feel oppressed, but the thing is they make one third of the whole body of students I think: we have those who agree with the university's path, those who do care and think that this is no big deal, and those who feel the cuffs and speak "slightly" against them...see, students who know and speak, although I know they make a good numbered, are outnumbered...

Sheba said...

My first time here & i love it!

Keep up the good work in & out of the blog world & happy new year :))

ValenciaLover said...

It is scary, in 9 years from now, when my daughter becomes a university student, where should she go? what if i can't afford a good private university in any civilized country? As a matter of fact i'm already worried about the teaching methods in government schools she's in now!!!

ScarlO said...

That's so pathetic. I dont need anyone to tell me what to believe in. We learn, discuss, and debate by nature. Is this to remind us that we can still do these things? And what the bloody fuck is that dress code thing? Goodness, can't people just let people be?

Nuttimilius said...

I hope the new dress code for women is rather revealing ;)~~~~

And if it was I hope it incorporates teachers as well ;)

But seriously speaking; I am all for the revolution. I don't mind leading an Army!

*prepares her squirt guns*