Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Last day of class today. A visit to Kaifan to collect mail and students’ paper (and apparently to argue with students about their grades not being well-deserved – their argument: they deserve more; my argument: they deserve less :)

I choose a marag 3adas lunch over going out in order to be faithful to my New Year Resolution to watch my expenditures. Ha-ha. I find myself laughing as I write this. Let’s see how long that lasts.

So now, 17 papers to correct, probably in a second or third version (when even really interesting papers lose their spark), and 10 more papers to correct for the first time, which means I have to struggle with sentence structure and language before I can even attempt to understand the thesis.
Wish me luck.

I’m not liking this coming Eid: two best friends are going away, one on vacation, another for a longer period. I’ll miss them tremendously. Two brothers also leaving with their wives so their kid will spend the vacation at their in-laws, making for a really quiet house at my mom’s.


3baid said...

Happy New Year :)

Judy Abbott said...

hmm intresting ...i wish you said you are the same Teacher i know... to attend one of your classes before registering ...
im affraid i take your class as over load and lose grades :D miss

Jacqui said...

Happy New Year!

I didn't complain when I handed in my paper LOL! Actually I never complain (insert: eye roll)

I understand about the expenditure part, I spend more than I rake in of course, of course I rake in nothing technically, I blame the restaurants, I seriously do :/

Good luck with all those papers, you can always just say you lost them and give us all A's :P Just kidding of course.

I don't think I like this Eid as well, I am not sure why at the moment, but I fear it will be quiet this year I guess. I hope it won't :/ I think I should run around and yell the whole time acting worse than my 4 year old cousins LOL! No I'm joking.

Back to what I mentioned above Happy New Year! And wish you good luck.

Shurouq said...

I'll miss the kids too but I'm glad it's a quiet Eid for a change.

I had a movie-like dream about you earlier.. You were shooting at someone.. Weird stuff

Scarlo said...

Happy new year :-)

27 papers, that's so horrible. Eid always sucks. I hate all those family gatherings, as most of my family members are so stupid they don't talk about anything other than 'Where are you planning to study?', and 'Did you watch that TV show', and 'Weather's disgusting'. Thank God this isn't 3eid el fe6ir; they always tend to give a full boring review on stupid Ramadan TV series about phliandering men, narcissistic selfish second-wives, lost kids and far-fetched miserable events. Plan is to get my 3ayadi, spend spend spend in one hour, and watch a movie with friends over a large 'ger9' of pizza.

desmond said...

Sounds as mindnumbing as reading a book again, right after you finish it....rather you than me though!!

Happy New Year....

waterlilie said...

Happy New Year.
Ahhh you guyz get a good chunk of time off don't you?
Im not bitter or anything!
Love: Lilie

Jazz Central said...

I promise to swing by your house while I do my family visit rounds in Eid. Oh I can bring my enterouge! Prepare the ghrayba and gahwa arabiya :) This way..it will not be a quiet house anymore.

What do you think?

Hanan said...

3baid. :)

judy. Are you saying you're a student at KU?

jackie. Papers lost. All got A's :)

shuroq. I like me in your dream :)

scarlo. Welcome to my blog. 27 isn't really that bad. They're usually more.

desmond. How considerate of you :P

waterlilie. Yes it's quite a long vacation.

jazz. 7ayyakum. How about brownies and milk (Kuwaiti cuisine is not my thing)

Nuttimilius said...

*envies jazz*

can i swing by your house as well? o:)

*giggles* I think I want to attend Judy's class as a listener and make a new batch of enemies there. Meh, that's what I get for helping people, psssh the price of being a genius is overwhelming. Lol but you know what Spiderman's uncle said

With great power comes great responsibilities.

I'm writing a mock epic poem thingie. You're sorta in it lol I'll show it to you when I'm done and when you're not that busy.

moryarti said...

enshallah you'll have a fun 3id holiday... consider it that personal break you always wanted to have to spend some quality time with yourself in shopping or getting in touch with old friends ;)

Delicately Realistic said...

Lol Im 'watching my expenditures' too! Im actually saving up for something. Hahaha! That will be the day! I guess I can try.

Asma said...

HapPy NeW YeaR!

Marag 3adas? sounds good in winter (but is it really winter here?!)

I donno why I feel like having a quiet Eid .. That's COOL, specially after hectic schedules

3afoor said...

last wednesday, i had an interview in one of the new univirsities here in Kuwait to work as an assisstant teacher, ma 3lena, ilmohim i am so confused and not able to decide shall i stay in my current position or shall i change my whole career..when i asked dad he said list all positives and negatives of being a teacher and if positives are more then go for it..what i got at the end?? equal number..and i was confused the whole weekend..but now i realized that i forgot to add arguing with students..which finally makes negatives more..THANK YOU!

Hanan said...

nutti. of course. can you bring the ghrayba and gahwa?

moryarti. I whine alot. I spent a good day yesterday with a friend watching a movie, eating chocolate, and shopping.

not so delicately realistic. come on. don't put me down. i am watching my spendings I only bought one unneeded skirt and one uneeded top yesterday :)

asma. quiet time is always good.

3afoor. teaching is the most enjoyable career anyone can ever have. it is also the most rewarding. dealing with students isn't that bad. as i mentioned before, I whine alot.

Jacqui said...

We all enjoy whining, trust me I enjoy it more. I find that I whine more than anyone else I know :r I nag as well I believe I do, maybe I don't oh well.

It sucks having to watch what you spend doesn't it? :r