Friday, December 23, 2005

The Fog

We didn't even have nachos or popcorn to distract us. I should've gone to see Ornina. The 3 hours spent on King Kong were much more worthy.

Saddam's trial is becoming quite a show. Funny in the beginning but getting on my nerves now. Get it done with already.

Our departmental lunch went well last Wednesday. But maybe not for the waiters at Biella. The poor souls, their service is already bad as it is, imagine having to serve a table of 6, no 10, no 24 who first asked for separate checks (you're joking ma'am, right?) then took over an hour to decide what to order. Of course yours truly totally forgot about that lunch and had lunch with her family at 2 only to have a colleague call and remind her of the department lunch at which time she helped herself with more lunch :)

So what's new in the blog world? I haven't been very blog-friendly lately. What did I miss?


Jacqui said...

I actually just remembered the lunch myself LOL! Funny how being reminded in the midst of a midterm your memory blocks out everything.

Oh well, I hope it was fun though. I am not sure what's new in the blogging world but I do believe that we are down to the last 8 days of this year. That's interesting really.

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Oh, I wanted to see it, I guess I am not anymore.

McArabian said...

Just tags - didn't miss much in the blog world :)

Swair. said...

the movie's preview sucks, so i wouldn't have bothered in the first place hehe

and tags are the rage these days.. desktops, bedrooms... whacky stuff in general :p

Hanan said...

jackie. midterms? now? aren't we closer to finals?
And yeah, happy new year :)

shopa. sorry to ruin it for you then.

mcarabian. so i guess it's hibernating season for all bloggers not just me.

swair. i didn't even check the reviews. we decided to go to the movie and that was the only one we hadn't watched yet:)

Jacqui said...

Tell that to some of the teachers, I hear a friend of mine actually has a midterm this week LOL! And Happy New Year To You Too ;P I'm starving I don't know what to eat, I wish I had that food bar thing hidden in my closet yum!

Jazz Central said...

Really? I really wanted to see it. But then again...the fog we been having in Kuwait is maybe more scary!