Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Too noisy to work

Sound is muted under water.

In my office building, we used to have some chairs for students' use. A while back, teachers complained about the noise those students make and the chairs were removed (on the claims that it goes against our segregation policy). In reality, it is the teachers themselves who create the most annoying noise. They tend to stand in the hallway to my office and talk in the loudest voice ever.

I usually work best in crowded, noisy environments. Whenever possible, I take my work to a coffee shop where the noise people make there helps me stay attentive to my work and neither fall asleep nor wonder into my own stream of thought. This noise outside my office, however, is more than I can handle.

So now I have an hour to kill before my class starts but can't seem to concentrate enough to do anything productive.

Blogging, on the other hand, is always do-able :)


nazzal said...

And what's the problem in being forward and firm yet in a kind of soft attitude .

Hanan said...

nazzal. madry. i'm not one who speaks up usually. i'm not a complainer :s, which backfired quite a few times, but what to do? thats who i am.

Jewaira said...

Bring the topic up next time you have a staff meeting.
If that doesn't help, ask them to sound proof your office :P

Misguided said...

Dear Hanan,

I must agree with Jewaira.. that is a good suggestion. I just go out and riot. Ripping my shirt and throwing chairs and paper round the office quiets things down a bit.

I would not do that if I were you though. You are a lady, and ripping your shirt and thrashing madly in the office is actually going to encourage the others to make even more noise outside your office.


Shurouq said...

lol Misguided

Is that our crazy niece in the photo?
Nice shot walla

Purgatory said...

I must be clean and showered to blog.

Hanan said...

jewaira and misguided. i'm not loud enough to bring it up. a bit too peaceful i guess :/

shuroq. yes and i know :)

purg. my only condition to blog is an internet connection ;)

AyyA said...

You must be very strong if you are a teacher

Nuttimilius said...

I can own up to 90% of the noise and disturbance outisde your humongous and luxurious office (NOT!) ^^

And the reason I do it...

Is because, you and the other faculty member that inhabits your office *hinthinnudgenudge* are tres joli *swoons* lol

But if it's too noisy, you can't tell the administration because they'll just ignore you or transfere you to one of the offices in the UOB (Ugly Orange Building) so I suggest you get your ipod and listen to t.A.T.u's new album on full blast :D:D:D

SwAiR said...

Nutta: that comment is soo you :p

Hanan said...

nutti. lol. is that you?
oh and i don't remember hearing your noise that day :)

swair. welcome to my blog

Nuttimilius said...

Lol yep yep, it's LORD nutti. And it was noisy today though, ey? *wiggles eyebrows* lol

If you haven't read Phillip Pullman's Triology "His Dark Materials" I suggest you do ^^ it's SUPPOSED to be for kids but I really don't see anything childish in...actually I won't spoil it. Read them :D

Anonymous said...

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