Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Coffee, Ryan, and work

I'm sitting at Starbucks Behbehani. I thought I liked the place the first time I came as it was rather quiet. But now it's just like all the other starbucks. Maybe worse. Too many kids in here.

Why don't we have a decent coffee shop that overlooks the beach? We have such a beautiful sea (OK a sea at least, even if not so beautiful anymore) but no place to sit and enjoy it. You have to settle for those noisy Nino, Fridays, Chillis is you want a sea-view.

And why are coffee shops becoming such a typical Kuwaiti hang-out visited by that same crowd who used to pollute Sharg and has now moved to Marina? What attracts those noisy kids to Starbucks anyway? It's a coffee place for god's sake. Kids shouldn't even be drinking coffee, should they? (When I took the kids to school today, my 14 year old nephew had a coffee mug in his hand. When asked, he told me that it helps him wake up in the morning. Really? Coffee as a morning meal for a 14 year old!!!!)

Ok I'm going on and on here. About what? I don't know. I'm trying to finish editing this translation so I can begin working on my sullabi for next term. 50 pages left.

My rambling on in this blog isn't gonna help me finish the editing so I'd better say bye for now.

This post is not about The Amityville Horror. I went there needing to be scared and that movie failed. And it didn't help that my movie buddy went crazy everytime Ryan Reynolds appeared topless and deprived me from even a little scare.


nazzal said...

He looks like totally shaved ... Do you girls like that ?! So should we start looking for

Hanan said...

nazzal. is that the only thing you noticed. can't you see that gorgeous body, those abs, those arms? hair or no hair is not the issue here. (do I sniff envy?)

nazzal said...

kan ya ma kan fee gadeem azzaman Abs w Sha3ar w Asnan ....... :))

Shurouq said...

Talal?? Coffee??
You're kidding me!

Shaved or not.. the guy is hot
(and that rhymes too)

Peach said...

I Love that man!

Misguided said...

Dear Hanan,

Though I am not envious... I do feel that despite all the changes I am doing... i still won't be THAT hunkified. But I won't give up... I'll persist till I am in a Holywood movie holding a hammer and walking around topless!!


Badoor said...

we need clubs

Hanan said...

peach. isnt he something.
misguided. when u do reach your topless-hammer-holding-hollywood status, can i have you autograph? :P
badoor. welcome to my blog. and yes we do need clubs, but are you implying that we'd find such hunks in clubs if they were opened here?

Jan6a said...

yeah the movie was a big disappointment! bs shitty shitty bang bang he's yummy -kila 3ala ba3tha yibaaachy!

Misguided said...

Dear Jan6a,

La oo abshrech a5laqa 7elwa.

Ahem shay el-a5laq LOL!


samboose said...

I'd love a REAL coffee shop the kind people go to to relax without all the fussiness!!!! How did going to a coffee shop become an event?

I like your blog!!!

Peach said...

MisGuided, btw, he may be hunky but that's not why I fell in love with him in the first place. It's his lovable genious duuhhness from "Van Wilder" and even more his adorable cheecky duhhness in "2 guys & a girl". Hunkiness ain't all a man can have my friend ;)

Badoor said...

I know I'll be there! that's one hunk worth opening a club for ;P

Spontaneousnessity said...

wow check out those abs!! is it just me or is it gettin a tad warm in here!?

I agree about the shave thing though, am totaly disregarding the upper part hehe

Hanan said...

samboose. I tried the coffe bean in kaifan today. less of a crowd. it was rather cozy and empty in the morning. but somehow the ambiance wasn't that welcoming :/
and welcome to my blog

spon, badoor, peach, jan6a, ... get a grip of yourselves ladies. he's just another man ;)

Badoor said...

ladies!!!! *checking existing male genitals* who u calling ladies lady!

Badoor said...

& about the opening club hunk thing I MEANT MYSELF!! am the hunk! ouch that was no nice hanan, no nice

AyyA said...

You have a good taste ;)

ValenciaLover said...

it's good to see you rambling again. i think it's healthy. at least i can post you my comment for your last post (dated 10/9). i read it 3 different times, tried to send you something, but couldn't stop my tears. at last i did it today. so i hope you read it.

By the way, your nephew just likes copying his dad's image, doesn't he?

Hanan said...

lol. badoor. the 'ladies' were the ones ogling the guy. you, on the other hand, commented on his hunkiness by expressing our need for a club. I still don't see the connection, unless opening a club would be your way of proving to the 'ladies' that you are, indeed, a hunk ;)

ayya. thanks

valencialover :*

Hanan said...

oh and valencialover. we ARE close. i just have a weird way of being close to people and i think i'm a bit secretive. or a lot secretive :)

Sheba said...


maloom your movie buddy sara7a 'DROOOL MATERIAL'!

ok so to prove that i am not 1 track minded i will also comment on the sea side coffee shops. It is bad planning! Notice of all the coffee shops emerging on (i think its called) Salem al-Mubarak St (the sultan center street in Salmiya), none of them are on the sea side! Wala Qahar.

ValenciaLover said...

A lot, i would say. i feel like i don't know you anymore

Jewaira said...

Delightful, delightful. A sight to please the eyes.

About the coffee/starbucks/ teenager mania: Sigh! I hope it is just a phase and over quick.