Friday, June 03, 2005


I’m home. Finally. Lousy internet connection but I managed to read a few blogs again after having been cut off for about a week. I couldn’t post any comments as I’m still using dial-up, so I’m not totally settled yet, just enough to be able to pay a few visits.
It sure is good to be home. My first day here my phone didn’t stop ringing, and though this used to bother me before, I still miss my family and friends a lot and the constant phone calls are now a pleasure. It was a rather busy week though, or maybe not so busy Kuwaiti-style, but I’ve been in the US for the last year and am still not used to those daily nights out. Dinner party Monday, cultural activity Tuesday, dinner again Wednesday, girl’s hangout at my place Thursday over Chinese and “Kharaj Wa Lam Ya3ud” (Now that was the highlight of my week), dinner out again tonight, and so on and so on. Mornings haven’t been that quiet either.

There’s no place like home (shoes clicking three times)

VW Touareg, Lexus RX 330 or my all-time favorite Jag? Can’t decide!!!!! What else is out there?


Ms.Baker said...

Welcome back Hanan! Isn't it amazing when you first get back, the feelings of relief to be home again, the wonderful little things? That old "Kuwaiti" feeling? Friends, social gatherings, food, laughter, TV...?

I would take the Lexus or Jag over the Touareg, even though it is everywhere (and I have a VW myself).

Glad you are home :) go to Qnet in Khaleejiya for the DSL connection, they will hook you up pronto - within 2 days. Compared to the States, the prices are exorbitant, bas shinsowee...

nazzal said...

never liked jaguar .. but have a look at the new one
which is coming out quite soon .. keep busy :)

Yet , you are choosing between completely 3 different cars !! what kind of car y r looking for ?
1- budget 2- kind (suv / sedan / coupe)
3- size 4- power

Shurouq said...

We need you signature on your passport and your visa application :P

Where were you today?

Jelly Belly said...

I'm glad your home and between your family and friends...

I wanna have this feeling too...meta ya rabi bas meta? :(

مبتدئ said...

7amdela 3asalama hanan

Enjoy your stay

Jewaira said...

Welcome back home :)