Thursday, June 16, 2005

Blood Blood Blood

So if you get 400KD worth of blood in you, how much is that?
They told me 4 bags of blood and 2 of plasma. Prior to that, I was, according to the testimony of those I scared, totally bloodless, utterly white. So without those 4 bags I was totally drained. Whoever that/those people were who gave me their blood: I thank you.

Been out of blogville for a long long time. I miss my blogger neighbors so this post will be short and I am off to pay some visits.


shosho said...

Salamt o matshoofeen shar.... people are paid to give blood? It might be a way to increase one's bank account :P

And how is it priced?
(now you can guess that I am O)


Ms.Baker said...

Salamaaat!!!! OMG, hope you are ok now, maat shoofeen shar, get well soon and take care.

Sloth said...

salamt .. i hope u managed to correct the problem that made u need this amount of blood..
ajer o 3afya inshalla :)

joining shosho .. O rules !!

Jewaira said...

Salamat dear. I hope you're feeling much better now :)

مبتدئ said...

Matshofeeeen shaar

oo Salamat

oo kil kilma 7ilwa bidenya ahdeeha lich..

Hanan said...

thanks everyone. and welcome to my blog shosho, sloth and ?????. i think this is your first time here. enjoy your stay.

مبتدئ said...


هذا انا