Saturday, June 18, 2005


Still no internet at my house so my visits to blogville are meager. Have a few hours online only and that is when I'm at my parents' house next door. Used to be online 24/7 so this is new to me. But I think I'm liking the break.

What got into my head that I can go shopping a week after a major surgery? I hate staying home so I ventured to the movies last night and that went fine. From the car to Fanar movie theatres is not much of a walk and the seats there are comfortable enough for me to relax. So today I thought I could go shopping. Nothing major. I needed trashcans, ended upp buying a desk and bookshelf for my son. I thought Landmark for a short stroll won't be too bad. WRONG. My right leg and arm hurt like hell right now. Some numbness accompanied by some muscle aches. It might be the effect of the anesthetics or maybe the blood loss.

So what to do tomorrow? Should I listen to my body and stay home? Or can I venture into a leisurely hangout at a coffee house? We'll see.

There's a planned trip to Europe in 3 weeks. I have a list of reasons why I shouldn't go. I still miss family and friends here, I have work to do, I'm on a very tight budget, I don't know if I can enjoy Europe with a body that don't seem as strong and don't know if 3 weeks is enough time to get my strength back. But how can I tell my parents I don't wanna go without upsetting them. Ever since my mom suffered from an angina attack I find it hard to do anything that upsets her even slightly.

I just added the LR3 to the list of cars I'm looking into. Still car-less, which isn't too bad since I can'd drive yet anyway and friends and family seem more than willing to drive me anywhere.


Alia said...

I say listen to your body girl ... u need to rest ....

& I think you'll have a nice trip despite of all the reasons u listed .. so go ahead .. have fun .. (although i'll miss you ... coz at that time all my "sisters" would be out of Kuwait)

Shurouq said...


Unless it's Chocolate Bar you're going to, I'd say stay home.

And stop nagging about the trip. You'll jinx it.

shosho said...

There is one simple cure to illness and fatigue:

Once you are done with a 3 week "sleepathon", you will find yourself refreshed and ready for the trip.

Eagle's_Wings said...


nazzal said...

LeRraaaaXx :)

do u know how to do dat

Hanan said...

Alia. Come with us :)
Shurouq. Sheno ya3ni? Eee anesthetics. is it the wrong word? how should i know. ur the doc expert :P
shosho. 3 week? r u kidding me. I wish i can pull a week sleep :) but i get booooored.
eagles. welcome to my blog
nazzal. hmmm. no. teach me.

nazzal said...

Hehehe ... shooot 9idteeni .. am the last one to preach about , how to relax !!
lets go 4 yoga , pilatis or back to the sixties hypnotism :)))