Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Syrian Rock

Last night I went to Kelna Sawa in Meshref. Cultural activity in Kuwait. Such a stretch from the Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos concerts. The music was good, but the setting is 80's school days. The majlis elwatani need to employ some people with taste to take care of presenting those artists. Why do Kuwaitis, or is it Arabs in general, pay so little attention to presentation. Whether it's our food or our music the general trend seems to be that its the content that matters. Why this lack of interest in appearance? Looks do matter. When are we gonna learn that? Our cuisine could use a great deal of improvement in that. I mean seriously, machboos or ghozi are so ugly-looking. And now our music, or the music presented in our theatres, seems to be served as un-stylistically as our food.

Am I rambling? Kaify it's my blog :)

My stitches are finally removed. I can start exercising in 10 weeks, and heavy swimming in 6. Not too bad.


nazzal said...

لأن ننتمي إلى مجتمعات متخلفه ، فبالتالي هموم الفرد أكبر ، فمجال الإبداع يصغر ويصغر معه الإهتمام في فن التتقديم ، يمكن علشان جذي نفتقد مجبوس مغري وغوزي سكسي :))

Shurouq said...

You can't go dissing my "majlis" like that..

That's my job.

Anonymous said...

Hi nice blog ...I hope you don't mind asking you this ...Are you the teacher that I know ?!!*stupid qestion, huh ??!!*...You know Kuwait University , literature ...etc...

Get Well Soon :)

Hanan said...

Nazzal. I doubt if there's any way to make machboos and ghozi look good.

Shurouq. I'm the critic, so to speak, I diss for a living.

anon. Hmmm. Ahhh. Errr. I don't know if I'm the teacher you know. I know alot of anon's. Are you the anon that I know :) I teach at KU, English Lit., and my name is Hanan. Need I say more?