Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bye Bye Orlando

Auvers Village
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This is my last post from Orlando. Blogging will be halted for me until I settle back home. I’m anxious to get home but certain I will soon miss my little place here.

I had my farewell dinner at the house of this amazing friend/ex-teacher Cecilia over some Cuban music intersected with the playful guitar playing of the cutest 3 year old ever. Victor could only play after he finished tuning his guitar strings. He miraculously does that by grabbing each string and rubbing it. Once his guitar is ‘tuned’, Victor decided to play for us his own version of a song about a mouse and a cow. In his song the cow jumped over the sun and the dish ran away with the mouse. I’ll post his picture when I get back home and have full access to all my computer accessories.

This is such a wonderful family that even my two sons, who are usually reluctant to socialize, wanted to prolong our stay there. Unfortunately I had to leave and come back to packing. I am now officially packed and ready to head home, already missing Cecilia and her family.

In recognition of the end of my stay here, I change my name to its original, un-shortened, un-nicked version.


nazzal said...

Bon voyage

moe-isha said...

safe trip sugar ;p dont forget dir3ich loool ;p ask dory.

Ms.Baker said...

Itroo7een bilsalamah ya 7anaan. How wonderful to be getting you back home in Kuwait again :)

Hanan said...

Thank y'all.
It's good to be home.

nazzal said...

yallah .. what ?! not settled yet !
where is the salad :)

Anonymous said...

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