Friday, April 29, 2005

Wanna Live In A Perfect World?

What is a perfect world? Is it the end of hunger, war, genocide, hatred, headaches? Seriously, if the killing ended, would we be complaining about how bad it is to live in a world where we have to have headaches every once in a while? Am I making sense? Well, I am, in my headache-less head. And since this is my blog, my creation, ‘my own,’ I can make as much non-sense as I want.

Paradise. Toni Morrison. Blacks created their paradise, made only of blue blacks. Worked until the kids started rephrasing Beware the Forrow of His Brow into Be the Forrow of His Brow.
Brave New World. Aldous Huxley. Suma takes away all your pain and gives you happiness. And it is 100% legal, and encouraged.
The Time Machine. HG Wells. I still remember an old movie production in which the time machine lands in a world made only of beautiful young blonds. And then the siren goes off.
The Female Man. Joanna Russ. Another time travel plot that looks at 3 (or maybe 4) futuristic worlds.
Herland. Carlottle Perkins Gilman. Amazon-like world. No men to be found. When they come, they mess it up :)
And of course what started it all: Plato’s Republic and More's Utopia.
I’m leaving out a lot. But I’m always intrigued by Utopias/Dystopias.

So. A Perfect World. You wanna?

This post is brought to you by inspiration of Hotel Rwanda.


moe-isha said...

my utopia would one where i can eat what i want when i want without gainin weight... wooohoo no stupid diets that i plan to take but never do ;p

deviating from utopia, what about hell?
like dory once asked.. what of this world is another planet's hell? and what if the sun was our hell... that would be ironic wouldnt it?

Rawand said...

thanks, but no thanks. perfect life = flat soda = no taste, no tang. I rather have it puply all the way through.

The sun being our hell? .. hmmm .. that's interesting, considering how much we get of it in Kuwait :)

Dory said...

"Maybe this world is another planet's hell" -- Aldous Hurley

Maybe! but the sun makes more sense :p this world aint perfect n its not goin to be. we are living in a state of torment. We are also living is a state of great joy. inshallah it stays this way coz I LOVE IT! :)

Moe I'm on a diet :( I made a bet with noony to lose 2 killos by the end of this week! u think i can do it? I already lost 1 ;)

A Message to Noony:
prepare for chocolate starvation coz I'm not losing this bet :P

moe-isha said...

update your post woman!!!