Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Goodbye Book Club

Today I said goodbye to my book club. Six meetings only, lasting two hours each, but an interesting experience while it lasted. I figured taking a picture of the books is faster than typing their names. Secret Life of Bees and Kite Runner were my favorite two. Very dramatic the way I like my novels to be :) Paradise Alley was good too but a little too depressing, reminded us all of Gangs of New York. Me Talk Pretty One Day is a fun read, The Professor and the Madman interesting in a way, The Bridge Across Forever is supposed to develop into some sort of science fiction but the first 100 pages didn't appeal to me so I stopped reading. Posted by Hello


SheWrites said...

Why'd you say goodbye? Did it end, or did you quit?
I've always wanted to join a book club.
Except when I say that outloud, people accuse me of being an Oprah-watcher.
And I'm not! :)


moe-isha said...

well i'm glad you said goodbye! as now you can rightfully reclaim what was once yours and 'I' can enjoy OUR book clubs again - you know what i mean ;p

yay.. me so excited.. can't wait till your back :)

Hanan said...

shewrite. I had to end my participation in the book club coz im coming back home for good. the club is still running and is going to be moderated by another person.
what's so wrong about being an oprah-watcher?
moe. i have no intention of reclaiming what i gave up of my own free will. of course we can always start a new one ;)

Sheba said...


Why am i just discovering your blog now!

LOVED THE one when Moe-isha excluded you of her shopping spree story hehehe!

Hanan said...

Sheba, welcome to my blog. I've been a reader/admirer of your blog since I started blogging. Good to see you here.