Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What troubles Africa?

Politics is not my game. But even with my level of ignorance I know that that place is havoc, one I tend to mostly forget about until I see movies that remind me that there's a dark continent somewhere on this earth that has been made into the big mess it is today because a group of blonds decided that borders have to be drawn. (OK I know that not all Europeans are blond)

I've lately been very sensitive to putting labels and defining people or actions. I don't want to theorize but it's precisely that act of defining that enables people to think they're better than others. I know that labeling is useful in many cases, but so are drugs and knives and even guns. What to do?

I remember the controversy over Alexander and how I insisted on clarifying for those who called him gay that labeling a person based on an act he or she does is a very modern way of looking into things, relatively speaking, and that at that time, Alexander was merely a man who engaged in homosexual activities, which is a long stretch from calling him gay. (I read Foucault late in life, but it was quite a read) We have labels for everything. You scream once, you're hysteric; you worry a little, you're obsessive compulsive; your mind drifts off a bit, you have ADD; and the list goes on. I know that defining helps limit the problem, contain it, and as such, treat it, but in doing all that aren't we also inflating the problem?

I don't have answers I never do. It's always questions but never answers.

I'm lecturing. My favorite pastime :) Occupational hazard so to speak.

On a lighter note: Kidman is gorgeous.
"I'll be honest with you," she says, "I don't know how honest I can be with you." Don't you just love this line? Or "vengeance is a lazy form of grief." I tell you. That woman is amazing. Yeah yeah I know she didn't write those lines, but still...

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moe-isha said...

i remember us having this arguement before but isnt it only through labelling that you can identify something. If i wasnt categorized as female for example, i would not have a gender identity and so on so forth.. if this isnt makin any sense its because i ate so much i cant think but yeah you get my point right. The only reason people label things comes from the need to identify something, it helps us as human beings to better understand the world by dividing it into concepts. You're right in the sense that people tend to over label and your 100% right when you say that labeling is what brings about discrimination.. you are labelled as black and i as white so even though were both human, we are different and one of us will think that they are better than the other hence racism.. and stuff, but what people should learn to do is to understand that labels are just a form of identification nothing more nothing less.
missed your lectures.. best part of ku i swear :)

Shurouq said...

Walla I'm missing your lectures too. I know, I know I never attended one.

You're attacking blonds now??? How dare you? :P

This is my favorite post so far. So controversial.. So you :)

Hanan said...

Kidman stole Nawal's line:
تبغى الصدق أكذب عليك

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