Saturday, April 19, 2008

English Day

The English Department feels a duty to display all the budding talents of its students. The works of our poets, playwrights, artists and researchers all culminate in the annual English Day, and everyone is invited to share our success!

Join us ...
April 30th @ 12:30 pm
Otaibi Building, Kaifan

May 1st @ 4:00 pm
Othman Abdulmalek Theatre, Shuwaikh


Amethyst said...

I'mn excited:)

Princess said...

ad looks good

The Archer said...

So excited!

This is gonna be one heck of an English Day. :D

Alia said...


بس اهم شي ... ياسمينة متى؟

Hanan said...

lol. Yasmina's show is around 6 to 630 :)

Vixen said...

yaay seems like fun :D

White Wings said...

english day ....a breath of fresh air
can't wait

Don Juan said...

Although I didn't hear anyone admiring this year's plays, yet I'll go and see what's going around in the E-Day ,, it's my third year in the department and I've never attended any English Day before ,, so I hope it's good, no more no less, the boys and girls really worked hard for it during the last 4-5 months :)

Flamingoliya said...

can i know more about the activities on the 1st of may?

Hanan said...

It's a variety of short plays and music productions directed and maintained by students in the English Department. We start at 4 and end around 8, with a half hour break around 6:30. Hope to see you there.

Flamingoliya said...

it was a wonderful performance.. i enjoyed it very much and i am very impressed by the talents we have.

the ones i admired most are:
the devil
the girl who sang with the beautiful voice
and the one who sang spanish

btw, i went there by a word of mouth, and had no idea they are your students until they mentioned you in the end.

and also, i didn't know that i was sitting next to you ;p on the same row that is.

i just wish the sound and lighting was better :)

Ms. Baker said...

I heard they were wonderful, congrats to you Hanan and sorry I missed it :)

Hanan said...

Oh no. The performance last night wasn't English Day. That was a musical show and the play you saw at the end was just part of English Day. Our day is still to come, May 1st.

شباب الكويت said...

ماهي دعايه ..

ولاهو تصريح ..

اهي .. كلمة حق

بقلم / شباب الكويت

عطها من وقتك دقايق ..

وجانها عجبتك ..

انشر ولك الاجر .. ان شاء الله

Disturbed Stranger said...

Well done.
You made the day possible.

cookie said...

oh i didnt read this blog until 2day when the english day is done lol, i was so curious to see the english day we didnt havve such that when i was a student.